Tuesday, March 6
zap zap zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz contd.. 8:43 pm

ok, after twc class.. i had a unexplainable desire for beer. thanks to chinwan cos he was saying he wanna go to the new bar in school- ice cold B. in the end, chinwan, my groupmate raj and i were the only 3 idiots in the bar. Raj was really nice to treat us- 2 pints for chinwan and 1 pint for me. Since he is so nice, i will advertise his business on my blog. Raj owns a business selling limited edition sport shoes from nike, addidas etc.. and he has 3 shops named " LIMITED EDITION" at queensway, pennisular (i think) and heeren level 3. another person i have to salute to... sometimes i wonder why such people are still killing themselves studying in smu.

anyway, i was supposed to be there for 15 minutes because i had a meeting at 3.30pm. then i decided not to make myself appear drunk at a meeting, so i extended my stay till 4pm to enjoy my mr hoe.

draft mr hoe. tasted really light and fruity.. like fruit beer and i drank it like water-- cos i was thirsty. but yes, beer aint thirst-quenching. like what my mum say, beer is "cooling" and she actually encourages me to drink it when im "heaty".. weird parent. another weird thing that my mum did was to inform me that my supply of choya was getting low and pressed me to ask my cousin to buy from dutyfree shops at the airport when they are away--- why is she encouraging me to drink??!! maybe she is stealing my choya.. but can' be. she is allegic to alcohol...... nevertheless, anyone going overseas, please help poor little jayne who has no money currently to travel overseas to buy choya k? i'll pay u back..dead serious..

as usual, i was being random and decided to have dimsum at Victor's kitchen @ sunshine plaza for dinner.. probably the food feature done by vincent ha and wanlyn for CTV is getting into me. amazingly, i got 6 other people - melwyn, jonny sr, natalia, marvin, jansen and aiyu- to go along for our 1 hr dim sum rush. but while we were about to leave the studio, it started rain. so melwyn decided to drive everyone to sunshine plaza. yes, 7 fat pigs squeezing into a jaguar. i can seriously tell you it is my first time i sat in a almost-sports car and it was crawling at a slow speed. like what jonny said " it is a good bonding session.. squeezing at the backseat of a car". haha :) all i remembered was people sqwealling and laughing nonstop to and fro sunshine plaza and smu. on the ride back, i sat in between natalia and jonny and we were talking about uzap. immediately, jonny and natalia started uzapping me... vibrating their bodies..

and this kinda of uzap definitely does not work!

and daryl hates me now because i never jio him out for dim sum.. but you were in class!!! not my fault!

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