Saturday, November 17
the billion dollar question. that will cost me an A 5:00 pm

super angst now. ok, just feel super stupid now.

i had my entrepreneur finance exams this morning and yups, i was caught by surprise.
1.6 billion = ??? million?

ok, the most common answer is 1500 million.

that's the US definition of a billion.

and to my surprise too, 1billion = 1500 000 million.
that's the UK and french definition.

SO. HOW MUCH IS a billion worth? i think the acceptable answer in this exam is the US version.

and i stupidly calculated using the UK version.

omg. how dumb.

Wednesday, November 7
my birthday week end! 6:06 pm

ok. had a weekend that made me feel as if exams were non-existent.

a calzillion thanks to so many people who made my birthday super great!
1. mummy & daddy (for footing the bill heh.)
2. brother. (for being there)
3. jansen (for..... :) a zillion things! )
4. meiting (for being the door b*t*ch, as she calls it)
5. Freedy, zhen and jx~
6. BbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)
7. OOOooooooooGGGGGGeeeeeeeeeeee
8. Church peeps!
10. some UBS peeps!
11. and my extended family!
12..oh! and bintan people! :)

hur hur hur.. paiseh, made u guys did silly things. but hope u guys had fun, and thank you so much for ur nice gifts! i love them... really! thanks for your generosity and making my 21st super memorable! *beems* and i got so many winter wear, i think im all ready to go for exchange!:)

so... what happened.

jansen brought me to changi village hotel (oei, don't think any sick stuff) to have dinner at the rooftop. pretty pretty place! can't remember the name (heh) but it over looks the sea and super chill out place lah! then the planes are like flying by while we ate (noisy in a good way). Oh, if u ever go there, go try their veal main course. SUPER POWERFUL!! i really wanna learn how they cooked it...

anyway, we went to watch "rendition" at tampines mall. good old tampines.. the place i grew up at. Rendition is pretty good too! thought provocative..talks about how US carries out torture on innocent people who are suspected terrorist just because they are middle eastern. really should catch it man.

i had a bad morning. dun ask, but just super duper bad morning.

but i think im a workaholic. went to school in the afternoon for EF meeting and i felt completely numb to what happened in the morning after that.

rushed down to vil'age @heeren to prepare for the dinner. nice to see all the people who are very important and close to me there. im just super thankful that they took time off to come down despite being massive project week and great to have a family reunion after so long. didnt really eat much, but i wasnt even hungry at the first place. i must go back and whack the food another time... hmmm. Played some silly games and it was pretty cool to see how my friends and family members playing & interacting together! i mean, it is such a rare sight man... something i will always remember :)

after that, went to wala wala with ting, zhen, freedy and jansen. it was my first time upstairs and damn, the unxpected is super powerful lah! the vocalist, i love her voice!really wonder how she train her vocal cords...and the base guitarist... omg. how does he play the guitar so effortlessly????? had a cool time but didnt stay long cos i had to go church the next morning.


had another powerful lunch at salt 'n' pepper near green meadows. it is funny how last time i used to go to green meadows quite often but never notice the restaurant there. anyway, their chicken wings are to die for. taste like my granny's, but bigger version.

went to school for another round of EF meeting in preparation for our presentation the next day. then drove down to sunset way with jansen to finally have the long-awaited taste of the daily scoop's ice cream! :)but jansen's mint icecream tasted like colgate to him... hur hur. but it was really was "chill-out" in every sense. Drove to railway mall @ dairy farm road and at shiok cheap ramen @ ramen ramen. should really go and check them out; their outlet at dhoby ghaut close down i think. Anyway, jansen order the tom yam ramen.. and we told them to reduce the spicy-ness. hur, no difference. it was SUPER hot till he had to transfer his ramen into my soup after i finished mine. but it shiok-ly-hot..if it wasnt for the over-spicyness, i'd probably drink it all down. :)

in short, expensive weekend. time to suffer the repercussion of overspending ...

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