Sunday, November 26
christmas season! 11:51 pm

its my favourite time of the year.

i feel very very happy ( except for the exams...) that the happiest time of year is around the corner.

so in the zone-mode of christmas songs.

this is the place to go and listen to christmas songs. makes studying a little more enjoyable. :)

jayne's christmas theme for 2006:

The Gift of love, grace and hope is here to reside in your heart.

Thursday, November 23
random bored thoughts 9:50 pm

i realised i blog more consistantly during exam periods. i wonder why.

so. i wasted almost a day trying to study macro, and the progress im making tends to zero. cant seem to concentrate. feel like going shopping for dresses. i dunno why.

oh, today i made a discovery. hmm, nothing much actually. Got this guy in BE called melwyn. yes, it is M-E-L-W-Y-N. always wondered why in the world his parents gave him such a name. pronounced as "mel-win" sounds like some cheena ah beng/ah lian kind of person trying to pronounce an english name. like what LN said, " melvin then melvin lah!.. why must act cheem put a "w" in the middle..". well, the same applied to me, except with a "y" in the middle instead

then over lunch, he told me he didnt know why his parents chose an name spelled in german. then i made perfect sense to me. His name was pronounced as "Melvin" in german. cos "W" is pronounced as "V" in german. cool huh. but no, i dont wish my name is some german name. it would sound.. funny. "jane" sounds better than..." yah-neh". heh

ok, cheap thrill.

anyway, i was studying in the library the entire afternoon and it is only after dinner then i realised my friend was sitting beside me. she left for 15 mins while was getting a nap and she came back telling me " i went to get free drink"

free drink? where..?? at LKCSB, cos there was some function and there were left over BEER. in BOTTLES. and she didnt tell me.. evil. the worst thing, she told me " no wonder im feeling better now....".... AHHH!!!!

oh, for those not in smu, LKCSB stands for lee kong chian school of business. before it has its formal acronymph (did i spell it right?), we use to call it LKCSOB or simply SOB. then an email was sent out saying its LKCSB and not anything else "... because SOB or LKCSOB doesnt sound right.." and i wondered why. it is just some letters, does it matter whether it is SOB or LKCSB? then i realised the reason why...

hahhahahaaaa LKCSOB: lee kong chian so--.... go figure!

library 101 12:51 am

im trying very hard to mug.

yeps. like going to KBox for one entire afternoon to give a boost in morale in studying later. so much for mugging.

im still at Solow's Growth Model for macro and im kinda screwed. but i just wanna encourage myself that i have really learnt alot from Solow's growth model, like understanding it deeply. Thank God. just hope i have time to revise faster.

so im in the library now. the library in smu is opened 24-7 and so does the cafe galilee. it sells like cafe latte at $1.50. freaking cheap.

yes it is like 1 am and im still in sch. kinda addicted to this new song after no promises by shayne ward. it is qian li zhi wai by jay chou. yes, jayne the anti jay-chou is addicted to his songs. kudos to this nice collaboration with fei yu qing. thanks to david who sang this song during the Kbox session. did i tell you, Kbox was fun cos i cant read chinese and tried very hard to sing the songs. in the end, we all gave up and started singing English songs. cranky, retro, old school ones. hahaha. of course, as usual jay chou songs are a must-must for the guys and we were trying to harmonise some parts of his song with another of his song. it sounded Good.

what does this mean? simply, JAY CHOU SONGS: THEY ALL SOUND THE SAME!!!

yeah, and im impressed that he can sell 4 albums of similar tunes songs.
he is seriously the man.

so ok, back to the all-so-familiar topic of MUGGING. im studying at the cafe in the library and the place is good. nice coffee aroma (although coffee makes me sleep) and it is conducive to study and why am i blogging?


they could use an hotel room across the street man... sheesh!!!!

Wednesday, November 22
studying tips 1:19 am

  1. never study at home cos it has a bed and tv that lures u. like what the Bible says, run away from temptation. never try to fight it.
  2. never study at home
  3. never study at home
  4. never try to convince urself of the possibility of studying at home. there is no possibility; its impossible
  5. it worked for me: drink beer. at least it sustains ur concentration for a while. esp when u are at home and u are fighting the temptation to slack.
  6. never study at home.

Monday, November 20
bored again 6:04 pm

its week 14 and its study week. it means the exams are next week and i ought to study.

im studying with bj and his friends and its so not conducive to study here. when bj is around, i think it is best u get mentally prepared that u will fail ur exams.

so anyway, i was way too bored of studying so bj and friend, kelvin, and i were talking about cancer. i have no idea how we got onto that topic but yah, cancer. reminds me of my internship with the national cancer centre after my A levels. so i was telling bj and kelvin the difference btw leukemia and lymphomia which is, for leukemia, the cancer cells have attacked ur bone marrow but that is not the case for lymphomia. but treatment wise, which one is more painful? lymphomia. imagine, every month or so, the doctors have to drill into ur bone marrow (while u are awake, mind u) to extract samples of the bone marrow for cancer cells testing. No, u dont get GA, u get Local anesthesia. and if the LA doesnt work, u are better off being dead.

why am i telling u all these things? cos the spooked-off look u see on bj's face is priceless. that guy is like " i think i got cancer" now. hahaha

and so, after that i was surfing through friendster. like after 4 mths i think. and i was reading on of my friend's profile. and i cant help to laugh my guts out.

  1. dudes and dudettes, if u want to write the word " testimonials", SPELL IT OUT FULLY. "testis" is NOT testimonials in short. imagine, some gf writing " laogong, i finally gave u ur long awaited testi!". one more letter "s", the whole sentence will be so wrong. hahahahhaaa damn.
  2. posting "i love you" testimonials are wastes of internet space. and hilarous.just keep ur lovey dovey messages to MSN. it doesn't TESTIFY anything about the person. hahahahaha
  3. reading a person's status "it's complicated". dude, u are either attached or not attached. if u arent attached but soon to be, it is still, not attached! some people could use alittle AS.

oh gosh, the whole "reading friendster" experience really reminds me of how childish i was last time.

Wednesday, November 15
post projects week 2:10 pm

i am damn tired.

  1. finance project took up my time, energy, sleep, braincells for the past 4 days.
  2. gum infection for the past 5 days
  3. massive headache which has faithfully been with me for the last 6 days
  4. lack of sleep

i feel that my projects this sem won't do well. sigh. i miss ltb, comms, and all the nonsense non-academic courses.

sigh, the same applies to my exams.

Sunday, November 12
birthday contd.. 3:33 pm

WAH! i got a new set of headphones! from weibo, suzi and meiyan! so clear!! so crystal clear!!!

thank you thank you thank you.......... i really needed one so badly..:)

Monday, November 6
happy birthday to me 12:05 am

i'm 20. no, twen-teen. yes, in the stage of self -denial now man. join me, nicole! we are TWEN-Teen! :)

had a great birthday. seriously happy one. never felt so happy and blessed and love for a long long time. and i have to give my thanks to so many people who really remembered wishing me a happy birthday:

  1. God. He gave me a birthday! :)
  2. Mom, Dad, Grandma and kor. they gave me a huge ang-bao! (except my brother though)
  3. my Cousinss... jerms!! quick come back to singapore! james, jansen and jasmine :)
  4. my dear Meiting!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. edmund :)
  6. Kinyip! happy birthday to you too!!!!!! :)
  7. the convocation people! jasmine, kerchoon, fangwei,david, xuanming, ford, gerald!:)
  8. econs people! suzi, meiyan, chui khim, peiling, alvin, jean(thanks for the earrings! )
  9. my ltm TAs- ujin, aaron, bharathi, Tim teoh
  10. BE peeps! Jeremy,LN, Heyuan, Sek Farn Buddy(TK), jiahui, Gabe, huixing, keris, joyce, jingfu!
  11. Jianxiong (thanx thanx! ) and Jianjie!
  12. my class people: JJ ( very sweet of you calling me at 1am...haha), Elgin, yee fang, ying ying, candice, vikrant, daoxiong, nimeng, changjie
  13. my og: thol, mabes, darrell, jon, wenqi, michelle (happy birthday to you!)
  14. Hsing chieh, shyuan, liping, xiang xiang pai, febri.., cheewee, derrick!
  15. nikki, aurelia, belle, joe tee, bj, kenji (happy birthday, civilian! ), my yd girls..
  16. alan!
  17. jinghow! see i still remember...
  18. ruizhen! :) i miss you
  19. epc peeps: austine and wei hong! :)
  20. and the many lovely others whom i cant remember off hand now.. sorry!

special thanks to some people who made it very memorable:

  1. jasmine, kerchoon, fangwei and david! for successfully completing mission J-spot! i love the cake, the beers (yay.. u know me too well..), the pretty flowers and the shirt( hmm.. im not sure whether u really know me well now.. haha), the surprises and most importantly, the love! :) I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!
  2. my og people!!!! thanks for the nice treat @ ice3! really enjoyed myself!! and darrell, please recover so that we can go eat buttered crabs....
  3. alan... the cheesecake from east coast.. SO SWEET!!!!!! thanks dude !! :)
  4. Edmund long! hahahhahaa.. lets go sun and moon again, please........ thanks for the treat and the pretty wallet! :) im still using it, don't worry.. haha
  5. the someone that i cannot mention. thanks for the treat that paulaners brauhaus!! :) i really love that place alot! and i really really appreciate it alot.
  6. alan, although it was a lastmin meet up to get back ur tennis racquet, but still, thanks for the mini celebration! :)
  7. meiting. because if u dont sms me, i will feel damn sian.. haha and i owe u a treat and ur prezzie is STILL in my house!
  8. my ltb group. really for doing an kick Arse presentation on my birthday!! darn proud of you guys!
  9. kin yip. for sharing the same birthday as me!! it feels quite funny to wish someone else happy birthday too! :)

ohh, im really happy...

Wednesday, November 1
sweet november 12:26 pm

i love november.

ok, no. it is not because my birthday is in november. but november and december sound like peaceful months. like winter, christmas feeling and such. yeah..

but smu destroyed the idea of peace in these 2 months. ARGH.

anyway, happy sweet november everyone.

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