Wednesday, January 30
Flew and caught the flu 4:59 am

great, i was just lying on my bed the other day thinking that this period of my life could be the only period that i strive not to fall sick. the next day, i was having a fever, and vommitting: i got a stomach flu. Guess it is the pecan butter tarts (the thought, sight and mentioning of it already makes me feel sick...)

gonna throw it away.. get rid of it from my sight. cant eat a proper meal without the feeling of puking or going to the toilet to relieve myself via "the other way".

im currently in my Options class and i feel that the virus has went up to my brain. im completely brain dead and im super screwed cos got alot of assignments due plus midterms.

grrr... i should be enjoying myself.

Thursday, January 17
school smugging (schulich mugging) 4:31 am

wah-lah! thought i've travelled 30 hrs and spent 2300 bucks to run away from smu. heh, and i came upon the westside version of smu half way round the globe. the cohort here is pretty small but probably as smuggerish as never before witnessed. i promise i stop bitching about smu when im home. it is week 2 here and the bloody library is occupied.

i remembered in smu, i thought to myself why the hell all the exchange people go to the library. well, answer is simple.. there is no place to go. :( yeah, we can hit downtown, watch a movie, go home and watch tv(i have no tv in toronto...) but it is expensive. i dun understand why i managed to squeeze so much activities to do within my budget back in SG. but here, it is almost impossible to do so. it is all about saving money to travel. .. even when i travel, gotta save a hell lot too. sigh.

oh wells, life's like that. especially when murphy is your ultimate best friend.

come to think about it, it has been 20 days since i left sg. doesnt feel like 20.. felt like 1.5 mths. gosh. money is running low.. and im desperate to find something fun to entertain me consistently. toronto can be quite boring after awhile. need more drinks. hmmm

anyway, did something real random 2 nights ago. Got pretty sick of wearing long pants to sleep every night. so decided to wear shorts : reminiscing times back in SG. decided (After a dare by jasper) to walk out of the house in shorts and slippers. and it was snowing... im surprised that i lasted quite long outside.. more than 2 mins! :) was taking photos of my place and probably the people who drove by thought i was crazy.. hur hur.

was reading "like a flowing river" by Paulo something. the book was given by aurelia as my birthday prezzie. So the author was writing about him exploring what it meant to be a writer when he was young...

"...3)I can get any girl i want in the pub.... just say i'm a writer, write some poetry on the tissue and the girl is impressed"

hur hur hur. :)i love this guy.

Sunday, January 13
week 2 in toronto! 5:53 am

ok, life here is getting a little more interesting. :)

Explored cool places in toronto such as bloor street west and bathurst. the street of many many restaurants and good food. Explored korean town too.. i never love so much korean food till coming here. we ate this spicy tofu with meat soup and rice. omg, u will so love it. i wonder whether singapore has it. hopefully. seriously, healthy and good stuff. ate it again yesterday at another korean town in finch& yonge. OMG, i think i might just eat it every week.. motivation food.

so, last sunday went to visit the ice wine vineyards and niagara falls. ironically, all of us enjoyed the vineyards more than the falls. i dunno.. no, not because im an alcoholic or what. only drank little at the wine tasting session. but seriously, canadian's ice wine rocks. At inniskillin, we were allowed to pluck the grapes and try. they look dry and "rotten" but actually, they taste like honey... Alot like ice wine without the alcohol part. To be honest, i'd rather buy the grapes than the wine. THAT GOOD. visited 2 vineyard - jackson triggs and inniskillin. Inniskillin is seriously good in ice wine but their table wines are just average. vice versa for jackson triggs though.

school has started and i missed one of my class-advance corporate finance. from hearsay, im taking all the toughest modules in schulich.. and i wonder why am i doing it. but realised, i have to take it either in schulich or smu.. i rather in schulich,. the pace is a little slower here in schulich and dont mind this pace. but the thought of me being on exchange, i dun feel like studying at all..... sigh. bad bad bad jayne.

looks like im getting used to life here. sigh, what if i dun feel like going back home????

Saturday, January 5
1 week in toronto 3:50 pm

ok, it is officially 1 week living here in toronto. time is passing real slowly, probably because everyday there is little things to do. but once school starts (it started on thurs!), i can foresee me bitching about not having time passing slowly. oh well, the grass is always greener on the other side. :)

getting used to life here. other than the fact im intimidated to drive in US/canada, im pretty much ok. homesick wise, yeah i am. but the feeling i have is more of appreciation of what i have back home rather than wanting to get the next plane ticket back to singapore. kinda miss my friends and family now but im just praying to meet good ones here too. jasper and baolin are great people to go on exchange with and hope that living together just gets better.

i just need to look for a church.

culture shock:
1. canada is super pedestrians-friendly... to the point that cars have to horn us to cross the road.
2. canada is not an overweight countries. No, you dont see fat flubby people walking around; they aren't americians.
3. i'm surprised that they are so fit and slim given that all they have in their food courts are fast food chains like popeye's, wendy's, taco bell, a&ws, NY fries etc....
4. TOILET PAPER IS SUPER EXPENSIVE. like 10 cad for some rolls of toilet papers? u gotta be kidding...
5. people jogging on the streets when the weather is -16 degrees and windy.
6. going to school for a 1.30pm and looking at the sky that paints somewhat a sunset picture.
7. pianist is pronounced as PNS(try saying the letters fast). o m gosh
8. i'm in SMU. er, wait, the ang-moh and colder (temperature wise) version of SMU. even the wood used in the tables and stands are THE SAME as that in SMU.
9. i have to put moisturiser and lip balm. Since when?!!!!
10. i wear socks to sleep.
11. i wear long pants and jacket to sleep.
12. all the price quoted on tags (clothings, food etc..) are BEFORE TAX.
13. tax rate (Excluding service charge commonly seen in SG): 14%. gotta tip too!
14.jackets with furry hoods or lining never looked so fashionable to me.
15. i shop for boots. since when??!!
16. ear muffs are not only for kids. i wear them to school!
17. non-e dollars system to bid for modules. just add courses and wait.... wait.. and wait.
18. cooked food, no matter how bad, still taste good than out side food.
20. popeye's tastes tonnes better in canada. cheaper too!
21. it takes 2 hrs to set up my bank account.
22. it takes 3-5 days (after begging, puss in boots eyes) to clear a bank draft. usually is 30 days.
23. 3.21 am will be the earliest time i'll be sleeping since touch down.

hello, canada!

Thursday, January 3
new year 1:22 am

i cant believe 2007 is over. i mean, it was supposed to be my most longest, torturous and unexpected year.. as i foresaw it to be at the end of 2006.

this year did pass really quickly. my yr2 second semester.. internship.. yr 3 first semester... 3 weeks of holiday.. and now exchange.

i have no resolution (as usual) cos it didn't hit me that the end of year was nearing at all. here in toronto, im VERY lost in time. Just pray that this year would be a great year, be it up or down. it is freaky to think that by the end of 2008, i'll be graduating. university life really pass by real quick. oh well, life's like that.

anyway, had a not too bad new year countdown. this is probably my first countdown in with the crowd. and it is EVERYTHING i thought it would be. Big crowds.. ang mohs everywhere.. crazy mad people.. super lit gathering place. i remember watching in channel news asia last year or 2 years ago, the different scenes of cities counting down around the world. Beijing.. NYC and toronto. to be there in real life.. wow.. it is reality.
concert.. big crowd... crazy people... stage..times square look-alike. oh well, in short, much livelier than sg:)

after that, we did something that no one (i bet no one) would do immediately after the countdown: we went china town and bought groceries at 1am. hur hur.. imagine lugging bags of groceries on the train... and seeing all the party animals looking at us.. like what the hell did we just do. hmms.. oh well.. students. :)

happy new year guys!

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