Wednesday, October 25
brainless... 12:22 pm

im recovering from brainless activities that i have been engaging for the past 5 days. from friday till tuesday. literally. i was doing nothing but watching tv, sleep, movies, sleep, ltm, sleep, eat alot, sleep.

yeps. hmm. oh, i wasnt drunk. i was just a little oozy. period. i realised that eski bar ( for most bars) has 2 for 1 promo all day sunday! hmm fancy sinning on sunday.

now there are no more midterms haunting me at night.... it has been replaced by projects. im dead. CAT, EDA and Finance.. i feel so dead.

now i dont look forward to my birthday..:(

Monday, October 23
top twelve 12:58 am

top 12 signs of u getting drunk ( even though u think u arent)

  1. you think u are still sober ( but not confirmed)
  2. u rather drive then to take a cab home
  3. you start laughing loudly( even though u think your laughter is at normal noise level)
  4. you forget the sad stuff for a moment
  5. beer is ur favourite best friend (at least for me..)
  6. 2 for 1 is ur even number 1 best friend
  7. u think of excuses to justify you sleeping without bathing
  8. you drink to finish, not to enjoy drinking
  9. u start sway side to side in the bathroom when u are showering ( if u really manage to over come the temptation to sleep without bathing)
  10. you pee alot. like once after leaving the bar, and once after u reach home.. like twice in ten minutes (even though normally u have a peeing problem.
  11. you dont know why you wrote this blog entry
  12. even worse, you forgot you wrote this blog entry the next day

Wednesday, October 18
i am 19 going on 20.. soon 11:02 pm

recently, i put that as my nick on msn. and everyone starts prompting me " is ur birthday today?" . i dont really know whether my english language is of low standard but.. i think it means that i am soon to be 20, not turned 20. FAST ZWANZIG, not ZWANZIG JAhre Alt. (german). hehhh but any how, thanks guys for being so sweet to wish me an advance birthday.

PS: could you do it once more on 3rd nov? :)

yups.. anyway, im so screwed. midterms on thurs and friday and im not through studying them.

Dead, jayne dead....

Tuesday, October 17
i love my parents... 1:44 pm

ok. im official spoilt by my parents.. for once.

my parents came back from japan yesterday and they bought a whole load of junkies. food, stuff and..more stuff.. good stuff i must say. damn good food and even RAMEN!!!! hoho hoooo.. curry ramen, here i come!

so, these are what i had:

  1. swatch watch! my dad called me and asked whether i prefer a guess or swatch watch.. ahh.. decision decision. hence in the midst of my sleepiness, i said "anything".
  2. 3 lancome juicy tubes lipgloss... AHHH!!!!!!!!
  3. 1 lancome facial wash.... AHHH!!!!!
  4. nice chocolates and biscults..
  5. japanese clogs which i think is damn pretty but i cant wear it to school??
  6. all the freebies from the hotels..( those disposable slippers.. etc...)
  7. a damn sleek umbrella.. very light and thin..

im a spoilt brat. i admit it.. meanwhile, here is my new swatchie!!!! AHHH

Tuesday, October 10
haze: back: yuck 2:08 pm

the haze is back. ARGH. this is disgusting... like after so much mopping vacuuming and cleaning up of the house, it is just gonna get more dusty.

today, my parents are going to japan. i feel so much more excited than they do. like their flight is at 11 pm and when i left home at 11.30, they have not started packing. nice. but i love my dad now; he promised to buy back 6 bottles of hoegaarden on monday for me... payment for drinking 2 out of 3 bottles i bought when i came back from taiwan. haha.. mr hoe is coming back to reside in my fridge soon! :)

so it is day 2 of the break and im trying to study. all i can think now is tmr and mambo. period. and of course midterms. im trying to study but i cant get the momentum. this is bad. oh, im currently distracted by the dinner at the airport.. popeye's! with the convoc gang! :) muahahhahahahahahhahaa... and of course, very excited that meiting is gonna stay over at my house. it has been a long time since i met her and i still owe her her birthday present. what a nice friend i am.

birthdays. sigh. mine's coming soon too.......

Monday, October 9
break week once more.. 1:21 pm

whoopie. it is break week. and boy, it is breaking me up again.

projects namely CAT, EDA and Fin-nace aint really making my week. i had midterms over the weekend ( yes, as in sAt and sUnday) and im going to have 2 more after the break week.

just looking forward to mambo on wed with jas, david and gang.

mum and dad are leaving for their honey moon tmr-- to japan. argh. i want to go too. food and sake sound like a very ideal holiday must-dos. nice hotsprings and no haze too.

haze. darn you, indonesia. stop burning. if you dont, next time a volcano erupts, don't complain. evil thought: i wish a tsunami hits Indonesia now; extinguish the bloody fire.

random thought i had over the weekend just before my fin-nace midterms. i shared it with ford who is all the way at holland. but don't worry guys, it is just a random thought. no action will ever precede after which. so my thought and agreed by ford:

Jayne: "i rather die from smoking than from the haze."
mind you, it was 130 on the PSI level then. followed by a 150 at night.

Ford: " thats why i say smoking is good; it builds up your tolerance for the haze."

** font size increased cos someone complained it was too small....

Saturday, October 7
focus.midterms.focus 3:47 pm

i need to focus..

seriously. no joke now.

i just had a finance midterms which was ok. just that i bloody didnt focus at all. careless mistakes due to show. i am just so pissed with myself.

it is time to end this misery/distraction and get myself altogether. it is time. it must happen now.

i need :1. shopping.2. good food. 3. money that smu owes me which is about 500 bucks. 4. good beer. 5. good company. bonus number 1: God

Monday, October 2
love 12:54 am

" Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

Love never fails."

1 Corinthians 13:4-8

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