Saturday, December 29
day 0 and 1 in toronto 1:19 pm

i survived a 22 hr flight and 6 hrs transit in heathrow.

im kinda homesick now. yes, though im snuggling under my blanket now in my rented room in toronto, nothing beats home.. or at least my room. back home, there is no rules on how messy the room can be, how late i can talk, and there is TV and supermarket is near home. here, my room must not be too messy if not i will start tripping over everything. it is cold, and the weather is fickle. there is NO TV. bloody hell, come canada cannot watch tv.

ok, canada is not TOO bad. but im yet to experience nice things. i hope things get better.

my flight to heathrow was torturous. there was a non-stop crying baby on board, i think he was sick. anyway, the flight attendants talk real loudly, so we could hear everything crystal clear from our place (which is the first row). it was a grueling 14 hours flight and i really wonder how did i managed to survive the cramp and claustrophobic plane ride without having thrombosis.

so, we arrived at heathrow at 5 am london time and we couldnt leave the airport. we ended up cafe-hopping eating sandwiches, bangs and mash, drinking coffee and soups. i managed to catch an hour's of sleep before boarding the plane though. but when i woke up, that's it. im gonna take my drowsy motion sickness pill. it worked quite well actually- i fell asleep when the plane was taking off. it was so powerful that i didnt know they served lunch! but then again, after 2 hours , i woke up to the curse of the crying babies- this time round it was louder and more irritating than ever. sat at the front row seat by the emergency exit. though we had real good leg space, we seriously needed proper rest. by the time we reached toronto, we we zombi-fied till i dun feel jack lag. it is 12 am canadian time, 13 hrs behind sg. and i feel like sleeping. by body clock has automatically adjustied to the time zone (i hope!)

anyway, many zillion thankss to my family, relatives, cousins, church friends (joe, nicole, belle, rach, amanada, wanjee, esther, bj, kenji, kinyip, ivan), jas, fangs, david, vince, ben, martin, gen, BEST FRIEND, joe and JANSEN for sending me off. love u guys so much, and appreciate ur support really will miss u!

Saturday, December 22
another damn nice song 12:12 am

frig. they should have more of this kinda of songs and video. awesomely delicious and concept is perfect.

timbaland: apologize

Thursday, December 20
the countdown 4:06 am

i'm amused. this is my 200th post. and it is gonna be quite depressing.

im not depressed. i havent been depressed (psychologically speaking) for a long long while. i'm just sad that i am leaving in exactly a weeks time.

it is funny how humans behave. I was super excited when i got my exchange. super excited to go on exchange during my exam period. now im kinda dreading it. not that i hate the place, but im already homesick before leaving home.

i'll miss my parents, my family, my friends and jansen back in singapore. i'll miss new year and chinese new year and tuan yuan fan too. i'll miss my granny's cooking and being so comfortable in singapore. i'll miss my bed and my messy room. i'll miss cheap movie tickets and fish& co.

i know that i will get used to it but meanwhile, it is pulling my heart strings now.
maybe it is time to pack- it will make it go easier.

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