Wednesday, August 29
HohoHo 9:19 am

my week has been ok. other than the fact that readings are endless and cannot finish in time for lessons. killer semester. i kinda bidded for my classes alone (and jansen being possessive, bid thereafter :P). but thank God that all my project groups have been settled and im pretty much ok with group :)

Many things to thank God for:
2. my application for exchange is approved!!! though i didnt get UBC... IM GOING TO YORK UNI!!! HARLOW CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg omg omg im so excited :) *beams*


anyway, vincent sent jas, terence and i home on monday. terence raised this thought:

Terence : eh... ask you ah, if next time i set up a company, then ah, it does not make money.. can i call it a non-profit organisation?

wah lau.

Saturday, August 25
missing working life... hmm 1:31 am

week one has just ended. work ended the week before.

it is quite scary to see how weeks pass so quickly. on my last day of work, i ended at 9pm... had to type my last minutes for my dept. well, no matter how shitty this internship was, i was glad that when i said my goodbyes to them, they thanked me and talked to me like a normal staff, not just like an intern. my bosses bought me a clutch bag and a leather belt, both from aldo accessories, under the company's tab. nevertheless, i thought it was sweet of them to even do a proper nice goodbye.

a little bit of nostalgia. i will miss my monthly source of income, where i can spend comfortably and be financially independent. i will miss working without worrying about exams. miss working and going through shit with my colleagues and fellow interns. miss my daily morning cup of hot green tea. miss marina food court, yami yogurt motivation session, cedele sandwiches and carrefour shopping sessions. royce chocolates omg-so-damn-good breaks. random gossiping sessions via email, internal phone or in my office. miss talking to the friendly swiss people. miss my office (which is a meeting room shared by 2 other interns). miss the executive toilet (if u know what it is used for). miss the free drinks in the pantry. miss going to certain levels to do work and catch a glimpse of someone. miss the "scandalous" office romance... ok, not. im very professional.. kong shi fen ming yeah? miss intern's gatherings and birthday celebrations.

but i will not miss working my butts off for work and BE at the same time.. super tiring, i tell you.

oh well, it was really memorable.:) but i wun wanna go through it again. glad i even survived.

Monday, August 13
how i learn german..... 4:09 pm


Hallo, mein Schatz, ich liebe Dich !
Du bist die einzige für mich !
Die anderen find ich alle doof,
deswegen mache ich Dir den Hof.
Du bist so anders, ganz speziell,
ich merke sowas immer schnell.
Jetzt zieh Dich aus und leg Dich hin,
weil ich so verliebt in Dich bin.

Gleich wird es dunkel, bald ist es Nacht,
da ist ein Wort der Warnung angebracht:

Männer sind Schweine.
Traue ihnen nicht, mein Kind.
Sie wollen alle das Eine,
weil Männer nun mal so sind.

Ein Mann fühlt sich erst dann als Mann,
wenn er es Dir besorgen kann.
Er lügt, daß; sich die Balken biegen,
nur um Dich ins Bett zu kriegen.
Und dann am nächsten Morgen
weiß er nicht einmal mehr, wie Du heißt.
Rücksichtslos und ungehemmt,
Gefühle sind ihm völlig fremd.

Für ihn ist Liebe gleich Samenverlust.
Mädchen, sei Dir dessen stets bewußt !
Männer sind Schweine,
frage nicht nach Sonnenschein.
Ausnahmen gibt's leider keine.
In jedem Mann steckt doch immer ein Schwein.
Männer sind Säue.
Glaube ihnen nicht ein Wort.
Sie schwör'n Dir ewige Treue
und dann am nächsten Morgen sind sie fort.
Yeah, yeah, yeah ...

(Filmtext-Einblendung: "Männer? Diese schrecklichen haarigen
Biester? Die einen immer antatschen müssen? Und dabei wollen sie
alle nur das selbe von einem Mädchen!")

Und falls Du doch den Fehler machst
und Dir nen Ehemann anlachst,
mutiert dein Rosenkavalier bald
nach der Hochzeit auch zum Tier.
Doch zeigt er dann sein wahres Ich,
ganz unrasiert und widerlich:
Trinkt Bier, sieht fern und wird schnell fett
und rülpst und furzt im Ehebett
- dann hast Du King-Kong zum Ehemann,
darum sag ich Dir, denk bitte stets daran:

Männer sind Schweine

Monday, August 6
...monday blues part 2 4:24 pm

as i continued with my random thoughts on this mundane monday, i have decided to list:

The Nice places/things that I have gone/had this summer:
1. Melbourne and Sydney!!!!!!!!!!!
2. villa bali @alexandra road
3. chocolate buffet @ fullerton hotel
4. global kitchen @ pan pacific
5. cloudy bay sauvignon blanc! *iona chew… pls buy back one bottle for me!*
6. sentosa + café del mar
7. ting yuan steamboat @ bugis street
8. dim sum dollies – the history of singapore @ esplanade
9. florida's natural fruit nuggets & kinder breno
10. YAMI YOUGART!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11. jia xiang kolo mee @ marina square
12. the power full Korean Bee ramen @ marina square foodcourt
13. salsa @ union square
14. black angus @ orchard hotel
15. dan ryan's @ tanglin road
16. spizza @ jalan kayu
17. mellben's butter crab @ amk ave 3
18. botak jones @ clementi
19. birthday celebrations for esther, martin and jansen @ work
20. Royce chocolates!!!!!!
21. transformers!!!!! (it was awesome right, jas?)
22. lunch with lunch kakees
23. baking muffins and cookies
24. cedele ( my new best friend when I have no time to eat)
25. random suppers
26. steamboat @ freedy's house
27. mount emily's
28. loads of Japanese food
29. pier eleven @ marina south pier
30. free fruits on Wednesday
31. loof @ oden towers

hur hur...

my monday (mudane) thoughts 11:19 am

Finally, I feel lonely. At work. What a weird feeling to have!

No matter how much I bitch about my internship, at least there is one reason why this internship is memorable- ok, 2 reasons..

1. my fellow interns. Bitching to each other about work everyday.. lunching together.. going through shitwork (saikang) together. Now like, all the smu interns in my department have ended their internship (except robin & nicholas)-esther, meiqi, gabby, martin yeo, chunyong, jansen. Even Edmund's department moved to one raffles quay. Sarah and Wati will be at the UBS campus most of the time. No more lunch kakis… it is just me in the lonely cold meeting room.
2. second reason. Heh. I think most of you know already. 

just looking forward to national day.. holiday!

Speaking of which, supposed to go to batam for a holiday. But somehow, people cant leave Singapore, so my mini-getaway holiday was held in sentosa over the weekend. Funny right? Telling people " hey, im going on a holiday.. yeah.. at sentosa.. staying overnight there.." well, the holiday was actually kinda good. I remembered that when I was young, my extended family used to have a 3D2N stay at rasa sentosa and my cousins will explore sentosa over and over again. Kinda fun. Anyway, stayed at the siloso beach resort.. which is kinda good actually. Love the swimming pool and all, made me feel as if I was at some resort in batam/bintan. In short.. GOOD HOLIDAY! Seriously, sentosa isn’t that bad afterall! The only thing I regretted not doing was to watch the songs of the sea (the musical fountain replacement). They had these fireworks thingy which really looked nice with a sea background.

Watched Disturbia with jansen yesterday. At first, I didn’t wanted to watch cos it sounded like another horror movie. But he told me it was a thriller kind of movie, so I was gamed. Not bad show… other than the fact I hate the background eerie sounds that accompany horror/thriller flicks. It kinda makes you think, what if your neighbour is a murderer? Not just a one-time murderer… but a serial killer. What if you accidentally witness a murder in his house from your bedroom window.. only to find out that he knows you are wary of his deeds? What if there were dead bodies in your neighbor's house? It is not far from reality actually. It is actually quite common in Singapore already. People chopping people into parts as if they were pigs, dumping the parts in rubbish bins or preserve in the refrigerator. Not get me wrong, im not disturbed by the movie. But all these sick and murderous acts shown in the movie are not fictitious anymore. Some time and somewhere in this world, these acts are actualized – disturbia in reality. Don’t know why im talking so much on this topic – im probably very bored at work now.

Ok, back to something less gory and sad. To the topic of exchange program –one of the few things that are constantly in my mind this entire summer holidays. A lot of people are going for exchange program this coming semester – kc, jemsoh, jiahui, huiying, tim etc. I can foresee that BE studio will be less lively and noisy; lesser people to study late at night with. And I might not beseeing these people for 1 year. I applied for exchange in jan 2008 in UBC and York Uni (both in Canada) and Lund Uni (in Sweden). Just hope I can get it. It is my last push to save my declining GPA. True, we should not be GPA-oriented. But, my gpa has reached to the alarming level that I cant sit there and do nothing. If I don’t go on an exchange this time round, I wonder whether I will eligible to apply the next time round. Oh, I just realized that I didn’t bid my modules with any of my friends. Looks like im gonna enter all classes with new faces (except for jansen in philosophy class and nat in FIIM). Just hope that I can get entrepreneur finance and I will see martin in class too.

What a depressing entry. Maybe it is the Monday blues.

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