Wednesday, March 19
interviews.. 3:12 pm

i just went thru 2 rounds of phone interviews from a bank. it is probably the only bank that replied me to date.. (on the words of my roommate, the only bank that bothers to call people who are on exchange.. i like to think it that way..)

it pretty made me think.. i'm applying for an internship position.. how come need 2 rounds of interviews? it was pretty nerve wreaking, i must admit. A face-to-face is worse.. so i must start counting my blessings.

the only sucky thing about these phone interviews.. is that they gave me 2 hrs and less than 24 hrs notices respectively, and that it is being held at 2am in the morning..

again, enuff said. just wanna get the job.

Monday, March 17
psychin meself... 4:35 am

lifehouse is coming to town! (erm, i mean toronto...) and im almost 99% gamed in catching them live! i gotta psych myself up to convince myself why i would be paying 120 CAD to watch them...

and this is the reason:

Sunday, March 16
being singaporean 2:31 am

being here in toronto isnt as lonely as i thought it would be. Surprising, at some places or restaurant, once in a while people start to pop out of no where and ask " are u singaporean or malaysian..." And people know from our slang or so-called accent. which is one thing im proud being a singaporean for.

like, when jasper and his friends were eating at some koreab bbq house.. the waiter suddenly came up to them and ask them whether they are from singapore. And that guys replied " eh! Tampines street 11!" hur hur.. or when rachel chow and i met up for the first time in toronto and we were eating at another korean bbq house, this young guy asked whether we are from singapore and he said he used to study at xinmin sec. or the other time when we were shopping at a korean supermarket.. this girl came up to us and ask whether we are singaporeans.. and yes, she is a singaporean who is a freshie in uni of toronto.

we may be the minority in toronto, but singaporeans always find each other in the end.

like for example, Chris. he knew the previous batch of exchange students from smu ntu and yeah we were introduced to him when we were here.. after 1 mth?

or jasper's friend's primary school classmate, Nas,... met up with them for dinner when jasper's friend was in town...

or charlene, another nus girl frm FASS studying in another faculty in york too.. we only found out 1 mth later....

or last night, baolin's friends drove up from usa on a road trip. they are from SMU SIS and were on some 2 year bachelor cum masters program with smu and host university.

or one of the travel agent at our university is/was a singaporean.

u realise that singapore is reallly really really small. no matter how much u hate being in singapore.. there is something good identifying yourself as a singaporean. we dont miss asian food- we miss singaporean food. we need the sambal, balachan and hei-bee-hiam. we need laksa, singaporean curry, hainanese chicken rice, bah ku teh. We need Teh-peng, milo-peng.. milo dinosaur.. and Kopi, not western coffee. We need prata (not pharatha!) and late night suppers. We need block 85 bah chor mee.. wanton mee..carrot cake.. char kway teow.. sambal stingray and prawn mee. These arent asian food cuisine u can find anywhere in the world.

this are Singaporean food and u can only get the best back home.

Friday, March 7
fb fb fb fb fb... 2:32 pm

im hooked to facebook. probably because i gave up studying.. i couldnt understand (or at least, i didnt put any effort to..) what is being taught. my mind goes completely blank and all i can think is to either check email, sleep or facebook.

which is rather interesting. cos i start checking out how other people are doing around the world. esp people who are also on exchange. you see that they and other exchange students of their exchange uni are pretty close. on the contrary, my exchange group arent really close. most of them live on residence (or hostel) and we the sg people are the only people living off campus. i guess we are forced to make a different bunch of people altogether. we explore different places from the rest of the exchange people... and thanks to my rather irritating landlord, i tend to be away from the house, going to different places all the time. wouldnt trade anything for this.

ok, looking at other peoples' FB photos.. i get envious sometimes.. like when i saw jeanie's photos of the northern lights.. i think that im in the right country to see it too: just that it cost me 2000 bucks to fly to that nanavut place to see the same northern lights as that in europe. i see people skiing... and hey, im 6 hrs away from montreal and 2 hrs from Blue mountains... but i dun wanna stay over the weekend at a resort to skii until i burn. i rather stay for 4 -5 days.. which makes weekend skiing kinda impossible. oh well, winter this year is long.. it had better last till april for me to skii or else....

i need to make my snow man before i leave... i need to make a successful snow angel before i leave..... THANK GOD FOR SNOW STORMS! cos i'll have more than enough snow to do and redo them.. hur hur...

alright time to TRY to sleep..

Saturday, March 1
winter binter 3:55 am

ok, i know that im here for a winter exchange in toronto. but according to sources and canada's winter history, winter should be ending right about... now.

but it isnt. instead, when i touched down in toronto last week, the weather became colder and colder and the past week was nothing but -18 degrees or -20 plus with wind shield. ever since i came to toronto since dec, i have never worn more than 3 layers till this week. my fingers turn icy immediately after i step out of the house.... i cant stand more than 15mins out in the cold. the worse part, (and u can observe everyone in school doing this...) when u are standing still, u tending to unknowingly and instinctively "bob" up and down to generate some body heat... even though u are in a heated room. like some muscle spasm.

but at least the sun is setting later. instead of the usual 5.15pm, it is now setting at 6ish, which makes the day less gloomy. cant complain much.

anyway, just recovered from my 2nd round of stomach flu-ish problem. i think it is the tap water at home that is causing these vomitting and laosai-ing. i stayed on a gatorade and only-water-from-school regime for the next 4 days and recovered fast. i think i had enough on chalkish water from this place. so i bought a filter flask in which i just pour tap water into the flask and the water will get filtered by a.. water filter. aka. i bought a BRITA.

o my gosh, it seriously works. my water seriously taste lighter and non chalky.. in fact, im gonna say that my water taste so damn good. CLEAN WATER AT HOME AT LAST! u guys at singapore, really start being thankful for good clean flouride water.... beats going to the supermarket every week to buy and drag 10L of distilled water home..

another of my water fetish account: i have developed permanent sinus every morning now. a month back, sinus came with nose bleeds every morning. i think my nose finally gave way and couldnt take the dry weather. it is actually quite freaky to see blood every morning and every time i blow my nose into a tissue. it has been there every single day and i think las vegas made it worse. so last week, i could take it no longer and went to buy a air humidifier for my room. i dont know what to do with it when i go back singapore but i so super need it. it comes with a price though, buzzing sound every night. but it is quite a lullaby for me: at least i feel that the air in my room is not stale and it is circulating....

hur hur. ok, i sound like im gonna stay here for life.. oh well, it is just another 2 more months and ironically, i am really used to life here.

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