Saturday, April 12
techno life. 2:02 pm

some of you probably know, i was in this techno phase when i was in secondary school. like especially when u have no where to study but mos burger. i was a faithful mos burger fan (together with ting) and they played WKRZ 91.3 nonstop all day long. henceforth, i know quite alot of techno songs... and thanks to the jap drama craze then.. i got super stuck to this song. you guys probably heard it before.. the classic version. well, this version is great too.. i know, techno. but music can super make u high, i dont know how though. granted, the singer does not know how to pronounce her words properly- but hey! it is techno! we never know what the lyrics are!

ok so here it goes: GLOBE: Stop! in the name of love. the OST of Star Struck/ In love with a super star. WOoohooo!! jap drama! :)

Wednesday, April 9
exams 1:49 am

this is gonna be my 2nd last round of exams in my uni life.

ah yes, exams starts in 2 days time and im in my 10% mugging mode. that is bad. i was awake last night watching beauty and the beast, save the last dance and take the lead. 6 hr movie marathon. im so tempted to watch "how i met ur mother" episode.

im gonna have advanced corporate finance paper on thursday. and i only attended 3 lessons. call me lazy; i am. but i have a super justified reason why i shldnt waste my time waking up 8 am for this dumb class. my prof has no idea how to teach. she assumes that everyone knows everything. so then.. whats the point of attending class in the first place? oh and then, she asks questions in class ( and no one knows the answers) and she doesnt know the answers too! so then, why is she teaching?

gosh, this sucks. big time.

Thursday, April 3
new blogskin 2:45 pm

alright. everytime i change my blogskin... i spend hrs on trying to make it look pretty. it is pretty alright. this is what u get when jayne is trying to do her homework in the library.. but has no music to shut her from distraction ( my yahoo music couldnt load.. :( ). in the end, i got super distracted by my surroundings and i started looking for blogskin.

decided to add photos. realised my blog has been dull... i'll see how this works out.

meanwhile, trying listening to yahoo music launch cast. great alternative to online radio and repeated songs on ur ipod/itunes. the best part... it is free!!! :)

ok, i really think that my blog skin looks darn pretty. im into polaroids.. and this is perfecto! :)

spring me back to life 4:33 am

ok it is time to change my blogskin...

but as usual: im too lazy.

winter has hit me bad and left a permanent scar of sloth in my nature.

im too lazy to:
1. wake up for class.
2. do my homework.
3. study for my exams
4. travel out of toronto and to other cities in ontario.
5. pack my room.
6. email people.
7. walk. i'd rather take public transport since i have a monthly pass that cost me 109 CAD, in which i'd better make the super best out of it.
8. make travel plans
9. write my internship report.
10. look for internship for the summer.
11. blog.

but hurrah to winter, im less slothful to do these following:
1. eat.
2. groceries shopping ( to feed my gluttony)
3. watch tv shows online.
4. cook.
5. sleep.

spring is finally here..( 2 weeks late though!). temperature on average is above zero. it is kinda ironic cos on the official calendar-marked day of spring, toronto was having snow storm. hur hur hur.. so much for blossoming flowers and bird chirpping.

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