Sunday, June 24
you are... 10:02 pm

i have finally found someone human who can really break my ego. every single task that i can do, this person can do better... to the point that at times, i wonder, is there something that i can do and this person is not better than me in it?

this is what this person is better than me:
1. Sing
2. playing the piano by hearing
3. cycle
4. dance
5. drive
6. have the motivation to exercise
7. tahan sai kang work
8. patience
9. listener
10. passionate for the kiddos
11. giving from the heart and not receiving attitude
12. accepting
13. understanding
14. eat more food and not grow fat
15. sociable
16. prayerful
17. God-fearing
18. entertaining
19. crazy- and - childish - and - whacky
20. ticklish
21. composing songs and tunes
22. reflective
23. rational
24. encouraging
25. natural irritant :)

and the list goes on. even though, this really breaks my ego, i don't feel depressive or inadequate. rather, i feel blessed.. to know to know such a person and to know that it is time to change myself, my focus, and be better child of God.

Monday, June 18
plain lazy 11:32 pm

ok, i have not been blogging. was pretty tired from the past week and weekend. simply too many things have happened.. both super happy and sad stuff. nevertheless, i wanna thank the lovely people who are there for me.. :) i 'd never felt so touched by their support and actions. im pretty much mentally and physically suffering quite abit but because of them, i can still laugh and smile from my heart at times.


and thanks to you. :)

anyway, jansen recently intro-ed me a super, duper nice romantic and sweet song from rick price -if you were my baby. it is like now on par with "shy that way...". go get it please

Saturday, June 9
slap me 10:21 pm

remind me next time.

never make dumb decisions. or even, if i have made one, stick to it. if not, there will be a whirlwind inside of my head and no matter how tired i am, i will lie awake on my bed the whole night thinking of how a hypocrite i am.

wake up, jayne.

Thursday, June 7
shoes 1:08 am

shoes are very important assets to a girl.

sounds really amazing coming from a girl who only owns 4 pairs of shoes.

finding the correct shoes takes time. and the correct pair shoes need not be pretty.

pretty shoes are pretty deceiving; they are pretty (duh..) makes u think that u look pretty in it too. u think of your friends compliment u for such good tastes. they might not fit at all, but you will put your feet in utter pain to justify that it is all worthwhile. but the hook comes when blisters pop out like beansprouts and give you hell. what's worse, the quality sucks and everything starts peeling off. you swore for the millionth time that you will never buy and never wear the shoes again. but when GSS comes, all the ugly sides of the shoes simply disappear - you are back to square one with pretty shoe fetish.

comfy shoes. the shoes that girls get when they cant find/ afford pretty shoes. the soles are plush and material is blister-free. you can wear them every day to work, friend's party, never fail to feel comfortable.

so pretty shoes or comfy shoes?

neither.. rather be bare footed.

Saturday, June 2
a decent friday night. 1:06 pm

friday nights should be fun, or at least relaxing. for the past 3 friday nights, it has been meetings and meetings at table 108@chijmes. its good but.. its still meetings. to daryl: dunch worry, i still love BE :) not complaining.

so, yesterday was a friday. had meeting in school together with the exco. but something different happened after that.

I went to a salsa club for the first time. Union Square.

i dont know what made me go there- thanks martin and jansen for psycho-ing me at work. martin is hilarous, he actually ask whether we could practise in the meeting room after work. anyway, still one fact holds a eternal truth- i can't salsa.

i have knew it from young when i used to take ballet; i have problems balancing. but nonetheless, i have decided to resume salsa lessons at a dance school.

ok, back to union square. went there with jansen and he intro-ed me to his younger bro (who is a salsa instructor!) and a girl name kelly (if im not wrong).

to daryl: its your sister. i met ur younger sis at the club. she is so unlike u. :P

then while i was talking to daryl's sis, this guy came up to me and asked" hi, do i know you?"

OMG! my salsa shifu! youyi and cheryl are back from USA 2 days ago and they were there at the club. kinda sad though cos cheryl will be transfering to virginia uni from next semester onwards. but its pretty cool, felt more relaxed dancing with the very people who taught me how to salsa. although i kinda forgot the steps and all, youyi said that i was beginning to remember how to dance :) jansen taught me a few moves but i cant really grasp them - lousy learner plus wrong shoes.

so what do you do when u cant salsa for nuts? u just let the guy lead you and step on their foot and laugh after that. im so sorry, jansen. i will step on martin's foot the next time.

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