Sunday, April 29
ahhh 1:41 am

im so happy and relax and glad and everything-good to be in aussie.

melbourne was GREAT. sydney is so far good except the fact that the weather is so depressing.

what makes a good trip? touris-y places? nah, its the company. no, not just friends. but friends who are living in the country you are living in. u get to know their friends, their company and they become your friends. they would be so warm and loving and they will bring you to their best and favourite hangout places and eateries (not those touristy ones).

i have been to aussie twice before. and this time, for once im enjoying and getting to know aussie for the first time.

i have experienced being a tourist here, being a friend and a family here, being a student for night, being a complete bummer, being a alcohol appreciater (not alcoholic, mind u) being everything that i would dream in this hopefully holiday. and i thank GOD every single day for making this trip happen and making it so much more than i ever wished for.

it is my best holiday. im aint joking about it.

wish i could tell u guys all about it but the internet is going die soon. but i would love to share the experience with u guys soon via photos. so keep a look out soon.

to jermaine,her great and crazy and warm friends, tholmas, iona, alicia and peng, rachel ang: i love u guys to death. THANK YOU for being such great people in my life.

Tuesday, April 24
aussie: Melbourne day 1 morning 10:45 am

im bloody tired. reached melbourne at 3 am singapore time and im about to die.

i didnt sleep on the plane. was dying from clastrophobia clutched between a FM (fat man) and a BM (big man). the irony was i requested to be on the isle seat cos i dun wanna die from clastrophobia. FM was drunk, noisy, full of perfume and he cut into my space. i was literally about to call the air stewardess to request a switch to business class. that bad.

its like 11amsg time now and its time to meet rachel and tholmas..

Monday, April 23
hello aussie! 4:34 pm

i couldnt sleep last night. pretty excited for the trip. dont know why.

i woke up this morning to rush to suntec and submit the forms for my internship. felt a sense of insignificance when i took the lift up to the office. all the suits dude and dudettes.. all the expats.. all the wealth management bankers.. and im just an ignorant intern who doesnt even know how to manage her own pocket money. nevertheless, im gonna learn. i have changed my motive for the rest of my uni life. this sem was bad. got back some of my grades and it isnt good. but in the midst of all bad things, i've been blessed with an internship. i think it is time to change my focus. i understand that there is nothing much for me to do to pull up my grades, so why not just do darn well for the internship? make the best out of the situation :)

met tholmas for lunch. its very funny cos when we left, i told him "see ya in about 24 hrs in melbourne at ur apartment". hahaha. he is gonna be my travelling buddy in melbourne after which he would be going to tasmania.

then i met my cousin, leng leng, at capital square for coffee. she gave me an angbao so that i can " travel comfortably" in aussie.

im just very very touched by my family even before the trip has began. my mum and dad think i'm abit mad to travel alone, but my mum offered to pay for my hotel at sydney even though i insisted that i foot the bill for this entire trip. she took half-day off just to see me to the airport with my dad. my granny, gave me an angbao and did the sweetest thing for me- made bird nest to "boost my health". my cousin, jermaine who is in aussie now, is so welcoming and will be picking me up from the airport in the wee hours of the morning. my aunties and uncles and other cousins were telling me where to go, what to do, telling me that im very brave to travel alone, wishing me well.. i mean, i am already feeling so happy even before reaching aussie!

i just wanna thank God for my family. i really dont deserve all these....

Saturday, April 21
ready?? no.. 1:05 pm

again. im unprepared. haven pack still cos i didnt have time to pack.

kc is leaving tonight for her china internship and when we met her last night, she hasnt started packing either. oh well, procrastination is our trait.

oh, i got a travelling buddy in aussie - Tholmas. he is leaving for melbourne on the same night as me.. only at different time. cos he is flying on SQ with krisflyer miles. bugger. anyway, looking forward to go out with jerms, sam, rachel and tholmas!

went for my first facial with jasmine in the evening at kovan and it was darn cheap --$28 bucks for cleansing, facial scrub,removal of blackheads, eyebrow triming, toning mask and cooling mask. SUPER GOOD DEAL. but the removal of blackheads was a torture.. it was so painful that sometimes i wonder why women indulge themselves in such activities. worse than eyebrow threading.. i teared... and was at the brim of screaming my blackheads off.

but the cooling mask made it all worth while.. darn shiok to the core. was dozing off before she took it out and the session ended. at the end of 1.5 hrs, i stared at the mirror and i see red marks.. all over my face. jas said it was normal but i just couldnt believe i actually tortured myself. at least, lesser blackheads and my cheeks are smoother. hope the pimples subside...

meanwhile.. its back to packing.

Thursday, April 19
oh happy day! part 2 5:05 pm

my days just get better. yeah, i know that all good things will come to a stand still sooner or later. but guess i just have to enjoy while it last..

let's see. yesterday wednesday. had to attend 3 meetings back to back but daryl was nice to take over 1 meeting for me. after the last meeting, i met alan for dinner and movie like after so long. we ate at billy bombers @cathay. omg, the food is not bad now.. and i realised im a sucker for potato salad. think i should cut down on the carbs.. im still grow fat everyday.

then we watch the movie "Sunshine" and i kinda slapped myself for choosing the movie. the is trying to be like "Event Horizon" but yet it doesnt want to be a horror show. half the time we were like "uh.. whats going on...". in short : bad movie.

the movie ended at 9 and i had 1 hour to kill before going zouk with the BE people. oh well, so we went to B&J (again!!) to have ice cream. i really think that i really have to control myself. but the thought that aussie will be cold and fats are need to insulate i hecked it. hahaha

met daryl and xiaomin outside zouk. JASMINE AND KC PANGSEH! yeah.. so i was at the brink of taking a bus home then... but then huiying and jiahui and their friend, yvonne, came. all i know was, no-ozzy but super crazy karaoke girls, we were. we were practically screaming and doing mambo actions along all the songs (that we kn0w) at phuture. how ironic. huiying and jiahui were super happy last night cos they saw their eye candy. especially jiahui, when she realised her friend was acquainted with her eye candy and jiahui was dancing beside him. tsk tsk jiahui.. no wonder she was so tamed for a while... hahha she was like giving me all sorts funny looks on her face like.."omg, i cant believe he is beside me!!!".

woke up this morning and it dawned upon me that im so not prepared for my aussie trip. yep, aussie trip is not cancelled cos even if i got the internship, i would be starting work on 2nd may. anyway, my bags aint packed. no thick jackets.. no aussie money. no itinery. no time. friday and saturday will be CTV training session and i have left sunday and monday morning to pack..

nevertheless being the prostinating jayne that im ever known to be, i ate my lunch and watched tv instead. i returned to my hp and had a missed call. it was from ocs and....

I AM EMPLOYED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

like after so long.. i finally feel that i am employable.. THANK GOD! :D

so, i just got blessed with the best of both worlds!

oh, just found out that there are coffee bean and subway in toa payoh central! FANTASTIC! EGGS BEN, here i come!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 18
oh happy day! 12:22 am

had a great day today.

woke up at 10 by my dad. he thought my interview was at 12. argh

my parents kept calling me, which was pretty annoying. i mean, it is just an interview. they are probably banging on the chance that i earn big bucks in a big bank so that i can sponsor their future mahjong games.. duh


went to suntec with darly, shah and jas and met keris, jac,ln and jiahui to queue for the free ice cream. the queue was super long , hot, stuffy and they issued like paper fans with write ups on global warming on it. OK, I GET THE POINT.

so, most of us went for strawberry cheesecake!!!! and the poor girl serving strawberry cheesecake was sweating her butts off(how ironic) and digging the hard frozen icecream till her muscle ached. so jas was very sweet to fan her while she was serving. hahaha oh well, after ice cream, i felt motivated to go for interview which was also in suntec

the interview went pretty well and just hope that i get the internship. the interviewer was kinda funny and he ask whether 1000 bucks was ok for me. i mean, really what can i say. 1000 bucks is really alot (for me) and even if it wasnt, i cant really say not enough right?

went back to school to meet kc and jas and we walked to cathay for another round of free ice cream!!! before walking back to school for my ctv meeting. the meeting ended at 8 and all 3 of us were drop dead starving. i was in absolute pain cos my new shoes scarred my right foot with a huge blister that broke and exposed a red,raw patch skin. the patch is like 4 cm by 1 cm big? so gross that kc squealed. jas and i swapped shoes an we dragged ourselves to bugis to accompany kc to buy her belt. she got a pretty good deal.. a skirt and belt for 10 bucks.

after that short shopping, we couldnt tahan. the shoes started to create blisters for jas. kc and i were just darn tired. so we went to fish and co to have dinner cos we had a 20 bucks voucher. ordered a seafood platter for 2 with extra serving of rice ( MY FAVOURITE!!!!) and darn, EVERY THING WAS NICE. the prawns and grilled fish were fresh, the sotongs were plentiful, the fries were fantastically crispy and tasty... the rice....AHH!!! and the mayo and chilli.. OMG!

you know, when put jayne, jasmine and kc together, u get a noisy bunch of girls... probably shopperholics and bimbz. (hahahhaha) BUT when u put 3 starving jayne, jasmine and kc, you get silence. we just ate and ate and ate with an occasional "wah..." , "shiok" and "damn nice..." and "eat more...". we unanimously attacked the fries, then the sotong, then the rice, then the prawns and the fish. and we cleaned ( and i mean cleaned ) the pan under 15 minutes. you would never seen us so energetic before. in psychology, when we sleep, our brain is the most active during REM sleep - Rapid Eye Movement Sleep. in jayne-ology, her brain is the most active during REM activity - Rapid Eating Movement Activity. ok, lame

nevertheless, after REM Sleep, we enter a phase of slow wave, low activity sleep. similarly, like gluttons, we felt like sleeping immediately after we wiped out the pan. had to force ourselves to settle bill before we end up sleeping in the restaurant.

Oh Happy DAY!

Oh Fattening Day!!!!

Monday, April 16
usual random thoughts 11:46 pm

cool, the exams are over and life is gonna get busier.

i so remember this feeling. dating way back during council days where after exams simply means time to do council work.... till u step down. remember that during the hols, thats when u start making enemies and squabble non-stop day after day.

and to think that u are simply sick of school after the semester, life just get more boring during the holidays that sometimes i think im married to school. zhonghua, nanyang and now.. smu.

dun get me wrong, im not complaining. im just amused by myself. of how much i dislike such a life and yet, i somehow get myself in it over and over again.

oh well. thats me. cant help it actually.

so, i had my last FT class today. we had the formal westen dining at NUS Guild House in Suntec where we learnt how to dine properly. i love the people at my table.. darn funny people. made this whole entire FT dining thing so relax. the other people from other tables were so darn tensed up and so.. formal. geez.

but things got a twist during dessert time. the girl sitting beside me had a phone call and left the room to carry on her conversation. i saw her crying from the reflection of the mirror and then, her friend came in to tell us that her father just passed away. and the entire table fell dead silent.

we all call this as life being cruel. at that moment, you might be laughing your heads off with your friends over a nice meal. not knowing that at that very moment, your love ones are lying on the bed, crying out their last breath.. literally dying to see you one last time. one can hardly fully comprehend her sadness then.

yes, life is cruel. but i guess it is because of its cruelty, thats why we are strong and make us appreciate each other more.. love each other.

so coming back to the situation, though it may sound evil, but im glad she cried. at least she knows she loves her dad and they once spend happy moments as a family. because of this, life aint that cruel cos it cant take those memories away from us.

Thursday, April 12
to be happy? 3:23 pm

my exam fever will subside in slightly over 24 hrs and i would recover my sanity temporary before the tsunami of insanity sweeps me away in 2 weeks time i.e. results release.

ok, woke up to extremely weird day. not sure whether to be happy. OCS (office of career services) called me this morning to inform me that i was shortlisted for an interview with ubs. boy, u dont know how excited i was. the intern position was open to year 3s but i still applied for it.. and i was one of the 3 people shortlisted for the vacancy. its something like project management which is the kind of job im looking for in a bank ( and not some stockmarket analyst job inwhich i have neither the brains and interest to work for). the pay : 1000 bucks. a much more stable working hours as compared to events management. and probably can juggle BE with internship. i just need to go through the interview next tues.

then, deborah from ocs reminded me that the starting date was 23rd April. shite. sharks.

i forgot to write in my resume that my availability is from 2 may.. and she told me that the date was non-negotiable.

no.. dont go. here i am, forced to make a decision to cancel my aussie trip- the only thing i was looking forward to after exams. the only thing that keeping me more or less sane from insanity of mugging. my aussie trip.. and the ticket is non-refundable. there goes 1000 bucks.

well, deborah was really nice about it. she highlighted to ubs that i was willing to work all the way till school starts next sem if they are willing to let me start work 1 week later. she emailed me later to inform me that it is possible, just need to remind the interviewer during the interview.

but, 1st impression gone. and if they need an intern very urgently, most probably i will go through the interview for no good reason - just to find out that i get rejected.

oh. choices. yes i know, scrap the trip. internship more important. uh-huh..i get that fully. just that it pains me to cancel something so dear to me.. something that i hope to rejuvenate me.. those who know that i'll be traveling alone were just darn jealous that i have the guts to do so. my friends wanted to join me but either finances or exams prohibit them to do so.

the only thing left to do, if i get the internship, is to sell it to either shelina or emir at a discounted rate. hopefully they will enjoy the trip as much as i expect to do so. :)

meanwhie, i just have pray i get the internship that allows me to start work on 2 may. :)

Wednesday, April 11
for my name's sake!! 11:17 pm

oh i just have to blog this!

was talking to alan online about how i just feel like dying from the demands of this exam.

Alan - "Don’t let go too soon, but don’t hang on too long." says:
u can do it

Alan - "Don’t let go too soon, but don’t hang on too long." says:
c'mon.. give me some positive vibe

Alan - "Don’t let go too soon, but don’t hang on too long." says:
wei ling u ain't a quitter right

jayne - 12 more days says:
cannot man

jayne - 12 more days says:
its really killing me

jayne - 12 more days says:
and my name is wei-lyn

jayne - 12 more days says:
or weilin

jayne - 12 more days says:

Alan - "Don’t let go too soon, but don’t hang on too long." says:
weiling or weilin... different of 'g'.. no need so calculative right!

jayne - 12 more days says:
got difference lor

jayne - 12 more days says:
like how many weilin do u noe?

jayne - 12 more days says:
i bet less than 5

jayne - 12 more days says:
but weilings are like super duper common lah

jayne - 12 more days says:
just like jayne and jane

hahhaa.. come to think about it, my name is darn unique (same too to the person! ). like i used to ask my mum " why is my name jayne not jane... why my name is wei-lyn not wel ling.. why got extra 'y' and extra dash in the middle.. how come it is weilin not weiling in hanyupinying...."

the ultimate:

" why am i a quek.. why not kwek but quek... why must be an animal sound..."


exam fever 3:11 pm


this is recovered-almost-sane jayne typing this blog. i have killed myself this sem by taking 5 exams - 1 on monday, 2 on tuesday and 2 on friday. if i had the usual 3, i would have kiss year 2 goodbye by now.

gosh im having a terrible headache now. lack of sleep for the past 3 nights. but after psych paper last night, i went home and knocked out at 10.30pm till 12pm this..afternoon. when was the last time i slept before 12? anyway, im still accumulating my sleep debt now and i cant seem to study... oozzzyyyyy

lets talk abt law and econs. the paper sux. when i flipped the paper... the horror of my life- property law. thank God it was open-book exam.. so spent the next 30 minutes teaching myself property law and the next 1 hr thinking how in the world do i do an economic analysis of property law. well, i wasnt alone. the encouragement i got was the people sitting in the room were as clueless as i was.. or so i think they were.

next question : joint venture between Qantas and British Airways. omg. i could be sure that if a gun was next to me.. i will shoot... the paper. spent the whole night learning merger only to know that law language is enough to make me feel stupid. so it required us to analyse whether the joint venture between Q and BA substantially lessen competition in the Singapore market (in short, whether they are an evil monopoly).

of cos they are not! giving us great deals to aussie does not constitute to an evil monopoly! without them, i would have paid like 1.5K for my ticket to aussie!!! so, having a moral obligation, i decided to take my stand to support BA and Q. only to realise, i didnt have time to finish my question. blah.

that is how exciting my exam can go for this sem.

Monday, April 9
1:43 pm

Jaci Velasquez - On My Knees

There are days when I feel
The best of me is ready to begin
Then there's days when I feel
I'm letting go and soaring on the wind
'Cause I've learned in laughter or in pain
How to survive

I get on my knees! (x2)
There I am before the Love
That changes me
See I don't know how
But there's power
When I'm on my knees

I can be in a crowd
Or by myself
and almost anywhere
When I feel there's a need
To talk with God ; He is Emmanuel
When I close my eyes, no darkness there
There's only light

I get on my knees (x2)
there I am before the Love that changes me
See I don't know how, but there's power
In the blue skies, in the midnight
When I'm on my knees...I get on my knees


Saturday, April 7
love story 1:46 am

question: what is the name of the greatest love story ever written in english literature?

hands up if you say Romeo and Juliet.

i used to be in that group. until i studied in sec 4 for english literature and realised and Romeo and Juliet are mere desperados of opposite gender with lust for one another. in short, they are in love, with love. My lit teacher used to tell us that Romeo was in love with love before he met Juliet. and i still think he is when he is with juliet. Both thinks that they love each other to the point that they will be still united after death. but hello, anyone remembers the marriage vow " till death doeth us part?" . quite an irony here.

anyway, i'm a strict critic of movies. if i read a book and watch the movie adapted from the book, i'd think the movie has room for improvement. Even if i'd not read the book, the movie would not be so fantastic to the point that i would bother to read the book.

but not so now. love story of all time : Pride and Prejudice. Perfect Movie, and i hope the book won't fail me. PLEASE GO WATCH IT. my gosh, i just cant wait to read it after the exams....

i think i have a thing for old english-settings movies. Love their accent and their wit. talking about wit, The Importance Of Being Earnest is another great movie to watch.

stop jayne. go mug.

Wednesday, April 4
complain queen. not 11:45 pm

i just lodge a complaint against the security guard at SESS today.

many thanks to terence and febri for convincing me. idiot. i have had it enough of his bad attitude. and it really reached my jayne-is-superkind-and-patient level when he toss/threw my handphone on the table after talking to terence on the phone with regards to the seminar room booking.

DIE, i tell u. HE had better change his attitude before i blow my top.

anyway, had FT interview recording today. and i was too lazy to iron my longsleeves. and as i look at myself at the mirror, i was absolutely certain i saw the TUMMY. omg. i look like im pregnant or something.


complain queen. not 11:45 pm

i just lodge a complaint against the security guard at SESS today.

many thanks to terence and febri for convincing me. idiot. i have had it enough of his bad attitude. and it really reached my jayne-is-superkind-and-patient level when he toss/threw my handphone on the table after talking to terence on the phone with regards to the seminar room booking.

DIE, i tell u. HE had better change his attitude before i blow my top.

anyway, had FT interview recording today. and i was too lazy to iron my longsleeves. and as i look at myself at the mirror, i was absolutely certain i saw the TUMMY. omg. i look like im pregnant or something.


Tuesday, April 3
stupid me again 9:43 pm

shah says that my blog is getting more and more depressing.

ok something for you to laugh at.. ME.

last night i was taking a photo using my dad's new camera and decided to transfer it to my laptop using the SD card. i took it out and slot it into my SD drive. and there wasnt a CLICK sound.

thats weird. so i decided to push it inner (sounds wrong but nevermind). and sharks, i feel like slapping myself.

it was a mini SD card. its stuck IN my SD card that you need a torchlight to see its existance in the SD drive.

stupid me.

so i went to CIT today with shah and we have to fill in the form before they could attend to us. and i wanted to write under Problem " I stuck a mini sd card inside my sd drive"


im distracted 4:03 pm

im distracted by you.

you are my spur-of-the moment decision
a dream turned into reality;
the uplifter of my mood
when things are going down to insanity;
the motivator to look forward
and not to turn around;
the bringer of all things familiar
and places not know now.

You are expensive to maintain
but im willing to sacrifice,
You are my ticket
that envy lies in others' eyes.
I talk to others
of what i might do with you
and they can only dream
to have you too.
My dear Lord, i entrust my darling to thee
that a blessing it shall be to me
So disappointment shall cease to ever arise
and hope, in the end, it shall entice

Sunday, April 1
too much thoughts 5:24 pm

question: what is the similarity between getting drunk and having lack of sleep.

answer: you make irresponsible remarks. you spill secrets. you forget something called trust. and if others arent as drunk or as lack of sleep like you, you end up hurting them.. and yourself.

sorry joe. terribly sorry.


learnt something from a hong kong TV drama yesterday.

" there is no such thing as regret. when you make a decision, you must have given great thoughts. So even if things do not turn out the way you wanted, you must not regret. Carry on by finding a way to improve the situation or simply start from scratch. "

i never knew that i could feel so relieve after hearing it. after so long.


weekends are extremely important for working people.

Met mingxing and his friends at coffeebean last night after amanda's birthday. before that, he was at gardens with a friend having coffee, then he went bliss at ponggol park for coffee. then came back to sgoon gardens coffee bean for coffee. then went to RK house for tea. then go some place else to have supper. heh

This is how desperate a working guy can be to maximise his free time on weekend.


Happy 21st birthday, Amandasssss


Happy 23rd birthday, Tholmas. and dont worry, you are not a joke.

Happy 21st birthday, chui khim.


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