Wednesday, August 30
" i want it that way......" 6:42 pm

the 8-member "backstreet boys" @ their debut appearance at Party world

Tuesday, August 29
laughter is the best medicine 1:54 am

yups. it's true.

laughter is the best medicine. a moment of, a gush of happiness that though doesnt last long, it still existed. pure laughter, real ones, really can make one forget all the worries, unhappiness and relax. it makes one think " hey, things arent as bad as i thought they are..". laughter, one of the little things that make us appreciate life more. works better than beer.

went for a round of ktv with the convoc team on friday. it was the BEST kbox session i ever had. imagine 20 to 25 years old young adults standing in front, singing "2 become 1" by the spice girls and " i want it that way" by bsb while imitating those goofy and cheesy boybands moves. gosh, you just have to be there to realise, there is a little child fantasy in every one of us. if david sends me the videos, i will upload them man. the girls laughed so hard that i think i choked on my own saliva.

graduated out of german class on saturday. Mein Deutsch ist nicht gut. yups. but then again, many pats on my back and all my classmates for the effort put in! i really love german classes. really love the fact that im a guru of german curses and bad words translator. in these context, i must really say that ich bin eine Deutsch Experte. thanks angelica for being a really wonderful teacher! i love german more than mandarin/chinese. seriously, man.

had a cousins' outing on sunday night to celebrate caryn's and joshua's birthday.

Alles Gute zum Geburgstag, Caryn und Joshua!

we went to minds' cafe near smu to have some fun. played the game taboo where we had to describe things/words without using certain words. joshua was hilarous. joke of the day:

Taboo words: trains, tunnel, railways, passengers.
Word: Subway
Josh's Description: " it is a fast food restaurant... no not macs.. not kfc.. not long john's.. makes sandwhich.. quite long.."

omgs.. subway. omg.

Taboo words: water, sea, army, military, defense.
Josh's description: " Fast food restaurant plus h20".

you might be wondering, what in the world is that.

answer: fast food restaurant + h20 = submarine.

omgs.... i'm so gonna die from laughter.

Sunday, August 13
experiential learning.. 11:41 pm

ok, all the while i am very amused by something:

why drivers hate to drive when they are alone.

i mean, i used to be so excited at the fact that someone would lend me their car for me to drive. or sometimes, i wished that i have a car so that i can drive home alone while listening to the nice songs played on class 95fm. sometimes, i wished that i can be driving home alone.

but today, i cancelled that out of my wish list.

had driving lessons and i am so amazed at myself that i can COMPLETELY space out while driving a manual car. a manual car, mind you. the car that needs one to change gear almost every bloody minute.

i thought changing gears will keep me awake.

but when u are stressed, tired and have pretty much things to think about, you inevitably space out.

i nearly crashed into a lorry and its funny how i knew the lorry was coming towards me and i didnt react. i tried to move off on the 3rd gear when the car was completely stopped at the road; i dint stop and take a look before turning into the main road and made a darn wide turn. thank God, there wasnt any car.

and worse of all, there wasn't many cars in Ubi today.

wads wrong with me?

now, i know why it is possible for people to fall asleep while driving. gosh. im not ready to drive.


anyway. convocation is coming. VPH is starting. im freaking stressed. i feel extremely helpless and useless at this point.

  1. i feel that there is nothing much i can prepare for command post. i cant even prepare the command post file for convoc cos hardly anyone has their confirm list/plan.
  2. why is it so difficult to get people to charge the walkie talkies?? why can't people just give and take and help each other out? why must there be a clean cut line of responsibilities among people?
  3. if you wanna sponsor the event, then be the SPONSOR. dont offer to be the sponsor, raise the hopes of others, be wishy washy and make us wait. we have a deadline to meet here, ya?

i dont know why im feeling so stressed when things aren't moving. it feels horrible when sometimes, things aren't within your control.

or am i just not capable enough?

Friday, August 4
simple complication 12:21 am

i think my blog name fits the best description of my life.

i want my life to be as simple as possible, yet in the process of doing so, i complicate things.

i wanted to be happy, i thought i would be.; but, im not. Did many things to achieve that, but in the end, a cheerful looking jayne masks the unhappiness and disappointment that could not be expressed. never cherished what i had.

i think my acting skills are not bad...

it's funny how things work in your life. alot of people have been like pouring out their lives, unhappiness on me. i served as their listening ear, their "advisor". funny how clear their situations are, when i listen to them say it all out, yet i am going through almost the same predicament as them and i feel just as lost as them.

finally understood the meaning of " a doctor cannot cure his own illness". how true.

it's time to face it, brave it, accept it. not chuck it at the back of brain; probably thats the root cause of my insomnia.

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