Friday, December 29
new year's present 7:31 pm

i got a very good present today:


darn happy! ok, it is not because of my skill. actually, the tester kinda "taught" me how to drive during the test. darn funny. and of course, God's grace. my left leg was trembling so hard that the clutch was vibrating. but then, i got 18 points ( yeah, yeah.. i know u think i shld have failed). i think the tester was being nice and graceful to make my new year good. good close to a rough year.... hahhaa.. 5/16 people passsed though.. hahahaa including 2 of my friends who took the test the same time as me.

yeah, shyuan!!! we are drivers now!! :)

Wednesday, December 27
tired feet; overstretched stomach 12:12 am

what a great title.

before i go on vomitting out my day's activities, i just wanna say :

i think my blog skin is damn nice. chic and nice. black and white. the more i look at it, the more i love it. the title is"click-able" and u can leave comments after each post! and i have music after a zillion years!

ok, 'nuff said.

today, i had to kill myself to wake up. had like 10 hrs of sleep but i totally cant wake up. met jasmine (BE) and fangwei for lunch. david couldnt come, so another david who has 3 hrs lunch break came coincidentally and replaced him. hmm, weird way of having the full group together. oh well. hahaha. we had dim sum buffet. AGAIN. and why again? i had it last wednesday, YESTERDAY and TODAY!! literally died. the only thing that kept me motivated eating was mango pudding... oh, crystal jade's mango pudding rocks... solid stuff man.

anyway, was telling jas that i cant really eat much recently i.e. buffet isnt value for money for me anymore. i dunno why and im pretty sad about it. cos my first love is no longer a first love. i want to eat, but im gaining weight fast and my appetite is gone :( i want to eat. you should see jas eats; she has a non-stop flow of food into her mouth throughout the entire buffet. i think the guys were pretty stunned and she out-ate them. AND SHE IS SKINNY!!! jealousy...

so we had another round of window shopping. my legs hurt. poor things.

met the quek family alcoholics for a supposed dinner. alcoholics include: jasmine (cousin), jansen and jermaine. the new comer, joshua, tagged along. it was pretty funny cos our dinner was finger food at this chill out place @ tanjong pagar. it is called SKIN at the red dot museam. im not complaining cos i am still (right now!!) feeling the aftermath effects of the dim sum buffet. it was having one for one. i love one for one. anyway, joshua was only allowed to drink 1/2 pint of calsberg ( horray, i finally cant spell something alcoholic...). after 4 slips, his face turned red and he didnt really like the taste. i swopped my MR HOE with him. so the 2nd round of drinks came and he complained that he felt feverish and his phelgm is hardening in his chest(he has asthma). then, all of us started laughing cos we think he is just feeling the effects of alcohol. started talking the times in which we got drunk.

this is bad. the quek cousins' outings have evolved from innocent board games at mind cafe to social drinking. i'd like to attribute it to our fathers who have "taught" us to drink......

Monday, December 25
blessed christmas! 11:26 pm

to my friends:


so happy that christmas is here. i dun really know why but yeah. but it will over soon in a few minutes and i will back to slacking. the last week of slacking. sigh.

did nothing much but watching a night long of dvds, having potluck after potluck, playing mahjong (like after 1 year plus....).. going to church and shopping.. i love my life, except im pretty broke now.

went shopping today with my cousin, jasmine, was pretty fun. cos we were supposed to get a dress for her for our cousin's wedding. one thing i hate shopping is the trying of clothes. we tried a zillion dresses and i wish i own all of them. kept saying this " i need spending power" cos i really like all of them!!! kinda eyeing on this daniel yam white tube dress which is simple and classy but IT IS DANIEL YAM; everyone buys their stuff from there, which made us had 2nd thoughts buying the dresses even though we really like it. i need spending power. i need money. i need.......

oh well, another round of shopping tmr again. haha.. should or not?....

nonetheless.. randomly speaking, i wish that school aint starting soon man.

ps: just upload a jukebox, courtesy of radio blog club. i love the songs and i hope u too! :)

Friday, December 22
rush hours 12:08 am

today was a very rush day. slept at 4 plus and woke up at 12 to treat a friend to lunch.

then it was back to shopping for xmas gifts for my extended family.
then to shopping for groceries for dinner and baking later
then was suffering from a bad stomach
then rushed to meet my girls at tp mrt
then walked them to my home
then rushed to teach them to bake muffins @ 4 pm cos of them had to leave by 630pm
then rushed to make mushroom pasta for dinner
then send 2 of them off and tried to locate another of my yd girl
then had dinner and watch "school of rock" and ate strawberry cheesecake ice cream
then washed the dishes
then talked to nickki and walked her to the interchanged and back
then bathed
then wrapped the presents

then now on my bed, typing this post while drinking my mum-approved alcoholic drink: choya + green tea from their japan trip.

and now i want to sleep.

Thursday, December 21
sunshine after the rain! 3:48 am

it stopped raining! amazing! but singaporeans are one bunch of weirdos. when it was raining like mad, everyone was " !@#$%%, when will it stop raining?" today, the sun was shining like it never shone before. scorching to be exact. and everyone was diss-ing about the sun.

but, sunshine is good. i finally got out of house and met up with my friends:
  1. dim sum buffet with ting and iona @ excelsior hotel. it was $10+++ and was ok. just hoped i could eat more the next time round.
  2. starbucks coffee@ fullerton hotel with iona, ting and adeline. just a whole loads of fun bimbo-ing around.
  3. doing nothing in front of giodarno raffles city with ting. we were both trying to kill time before the next meeting with our friends. we were so bored that we thought that those plastic male models in robinsons were quite good looking. shit la, i think ting and i are beyond home. to think we had to degrade ourselves to look at them....
  4. met BE peeps for movie @ cathay. the curse of the golden flower. it was not bad cos IT HAS A PLOT FINALLY. beats the house of flying daggers... but the show over exaggerated alot of things. there were too much gold stuff, army troops, killings, incest incidents and shane's favourite--- boobs overload. eww. literally.
  5. clubbing @ zouk with some other BE people. IT WAS SUPER CROWDED THAT I REALLY WANTED TO DIE. remember that we learnt in sec school: liquid has no definite shape but has definite volume. the molecules move around the definite volume of space. that's what zouk like. i was squeezing my lungs to move a milicentimetre every second. totally squash. was so thankful to darrell that he saved me and pulled me out of phuture for 10 mins. effectively, i took 20 mins to leave phuture and another 10 mins to leave zouk totally. my battle scars show my struggles: broken toe nail and abrasion (caused by some girl's high heels) on my feet, and a very sore foot.

i think im better off baking. baking and cooking tmr!!!!

Wednesday, December 20
ROT-a-tot-tot.. 12:05 am

yeps.. im in my 3rd week rotting ( i wish it were entirely) and i wish school starts later. it kinda feels good doing nothing and not care of studies for a while. but my EAL ( economic analysis of law) TA emailed us on the readings to be done for week 1.. totally spoilt my holiday mood.

anyway, didnt nothing but watch tv and baked. i think i am a tv addict. even chieh said so. well, what to do man? it is raining as if the entire water body of the earth is above us and suddenly realised that it cannot defy gravity anymore. all u want to do is to stay at home and be a little good girl ( or boy, if u are..). a little silly thought, i suddenly feel safe living on the 16th storey. at least, the flood wont get to me.. heh

ok, back to baking. thought chieh how to bake today. we made corn muffins, kenny rogers' style while i did chocolate souffle. the muffins were better than expected. tasted almost like the ones from kenny rogers. the only problem, they were one bunch of heavy muffins. heavy weight muffins, literally.

chocolate souffle was a failure at first. in the oven, the souffle rose and the extras started to spill over. sigh. 2nd failure in baking. actually, the 3rd.

the first one was, after many years of experienced cookie bake, the 12 year old jayne retardedly used soon kuey flour instead of plain flour. it tasted like.. un-cookie like. heh

2nd one: attempts in finding the perfect brownie recipe. oh, typical. but it was all worth it. afterall, i got the best browine recipe with me now.. muahahahhahahhaa

oh well, oh well.. my mum once said that if we were rich, she would probably send me to the french cooking school in france (duh!). darn. wasted.

here: my one-ton muffins and supposed to be chocolate souffle.

Tuesday, December 19
100th post!!!! 3:40 am

its the 100th post! and to celebrate the ridiculous posts i have uncreatively written... here are some photos from the past 2 days : names u shldnt label ur brands, if u were the brand manager.... courtesy of ikea. hehhh. ideas contributed from ikea dinner outing with the og peeps: mabs, thol, darrell and michelle:)

not chocolate? then what?

yeah tholmas.. oh boy.. didnt know u were ga....

eat this and DAIM! (shut up)

give this to all the smuggers before exams. 100% top scorer guaranteed

sleeping candies. now we know why people snore alot in europe..( it is called "snore" btw..)

hehh oh well.. after a full meal at ikea.. ( 3 plates of meatballs, 1 poached salmon, 2 slices of cake, 1 chocolate moose, 10 chicken wings and drinks).. this is as silly as it gets.

have another cool photo i took at my aunt's hdb lift.

number 1: ARMED??!!! so what.. u are going to shoot? ( no pun intended.. heh)

number 2: is the device a smell detector or camera..... hmm..

number 3: why does singaporeans need to acronym EVERYTHING. as if i will remember UDD is urine detection device. " hey, that's UDD....." duhs..

so after a full meal, met mason and tim for supper at newton. im growing fat. they ate snails. called "zut zut". my gosh. firstly, it is gross eating slimy cold blooded shelled living things. secondly, it is even more gross eating uncooked, greenish, algae-ish snails! typhoid dude!!!!

argh.. the weather spoilt it all. rain splattering everywhere and were kinda stuck at the food cenre till about 2 am. so ended up talking nonsense.. like will we ever have kids and why. ( ya, why were we talking abt it?!?!). heh

oh, i got the new additions to my xmas want-list:

  1. crabtree and evelyn's rose water perfume
  2. penguin (i cant spell..) water dispenser from action city.. haha to remind me to drink 8 cups of water everyday??
  3. everything from MUJI and IKEA!!!!!
  4. ipod nano and crumbler bag.. hahahahahhaha *hint to someone..*

materialistic jayne.. hahahaha

Saturday, December 16
where is the love? 11:44 pm

how does it feel like to be suddenly, not important in someone's life? lost, i think it is a great and very accurate answer.

trying to talk myself out of selfpity and realised, i dont pity myself. i just wander how we were so close and now, so far know, at times like these, most of us would be feeling confused, jealous, upset, not explained to, "how could u do this to me?", "what about us?". but i guess we must remember, and some point of time, we all have gave the same feeling to others. sigh.

it is painful, but i just have to move on with my life. afterall, it isnt the first time.

Monday, December 11
all i want for christmas 6:58 pm


from borders:

  1. maire claire - easy (cookbook)
  2. Jodi picoult - mercy
  3. basic german/ verb/ grammer book

from other places:

  1. my driving license. please. im broke to go for the third round.
  2. time to cook
  3. time to bake
  4. money to cook and bake

yeps.. very simple! hahahahaahhahhaa

Sunday, December 10
frustrations.regression. mpw : revealed in reality 1:04 am

i have so many things to say. but im plain lazy.

i just got downgraded for EDA.. from B+ to a B... so much for adjusted grades. and i did not asked for a review.. what the...

just feeling blue, sick and not very hopeful. cos i got a flu, my grades sucks, everyone is overseas and i gotta produce something for campus tv by 1st week of jan. im actually pissed by the allocation of work cos one moment i was away from the discussion doing something urgent for prof rani, when i came back they just pushed the most pressing episode to me. I JUST WANT A BREAK BEFORE SEM 2 STARTS. issit so hard?

and why are my grades so disappointing? so disappointing after so much hardwork? SO MANY sleepless nights, studying, doing projects. why is it still so disappointing. i stopped reading textbooks and started practising this sem. but why???????? i put in more hard work then the A levels... much much more. all i want is to let mum and dad go for ONE dean's list ceremony, something they wanted. but why is it so difficult? why everyone is improving and i am slipping backwards? why some people are slacking yet achieving, and i am slogging and losing? im finding it hard to taking to my stride. too hard.

Friday, December 1
liberated. free. relaxed 11:57 am

EXAMS ARE OVER!!!! do u know how long i have waited????!!!!! erm.. very long.

but really have to Thank God. i woke up this morning with a blank mind. like never before. panicked like mad while reading through some notes on the mrt.. walking to the mrt. and then, i just thought, what ever i remember is what i can remember. after reaching City hall, got myself an earl grey tea and a rasin bagel from starbucks and walked to sch.

got a quick nimble on my bagel just before the examiner said "start". i tell u, earl grey tea rox. kept me awake through out the paper. i had to do 70 MCQs and 2 essays in 2 hrs. and i knew it 30 secs before the exams. but miracles do happened; i finished 70 mcqs (with 8 blanks cos i seriously have no idea how to do and there was negative grading) in less than half an hour. i had 1.5 hrs to do my essays( my weakest part of exams).

looked at the essay questions and said "shite". they were mostly from the sample questions he gave out before the exams and i only took a glance at it. and they were easy but.....

my mind was blank.

mommy, help. but the thoughts slowly streamed in. it was the most relax essay i ever written. i had points to write (at least some.) as compared to the past. i had time. that was the only time i enjoyed written essays, i tell u.

blessed girl, i am. blessed.

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