Wednesday, October 24
jobs... time to look for jobs 3:10 pm

its pretty scary. I was just thinking when i would be graduating and what i have to do after i graduate - which is not far away. after exchange, i will be doing my last semester in SMU (omg, uni life is so fast!) and *boofpoof* aloha, im not a student anymore.

ok, then what? where i want to work, what i want to work as.. do i have the skills and qualifications. it is scary. im an econs and finance major student and till today, i have no clue about econs. ha, and people still tell me "you are an economist what.."

but nonetheless, only one thing in finance and econs alike intrigue me - exchange rates.. FX. no easy task in finance, but interesting enough to sustain my interest in it. Beats Solow Growth Model, PHillips Curve, Bonds and Equities. eeks.

So i thought it was just pure ideals. then i had to list my academic concentration to get priority placement in my exchange courses. and then i realised, all the modules that im taking are under the investment banking track. Whoh, IB.. you gotta be kidding... and i thought i was interested in wealth management.

So, given my finance academic concentration, it is time to look for another internship in the IB sector... trader? NAH! im not that gifted... dealer? NAH. same reason.... Operations.. boring stuff but at least i have a slightly higher chance to get an internship there... I told my mum that i wanna do an overseas internship - maximize the benefits of being a student.. and was telling her that i think i might do OPS and all.. still i was uncertain.

the next day,(which is yesterday) i had FIIM class. and somehow, GOD was telling me "OPS is the way to go..". Prof Annie koh came in and spoke on FX and how related it is to economics (or how useful econs is in FX) and said something that, if you wanna do IB FX, know what the back -end people are doing.. guess what.. OPS.

oh man, somehow her 2 hr class is so powerful and inspiring that i went home and started watch CNBC's Power Lunch at 12 midnight. I understood no shite on what was covered in the programme..(other than occasional mention of words such as bonds, yields, stocks, FX and commodities). But it dawned upon me that this is the industry i will be working in... Fast paced, super stressful, deals-clinched-within-2-minute kind of work...

oh man, oh man, oh man...i got so much to learn....

Saturday, October 13
wishie list 5:12 am

ok, im not exactly very materialistic. but this is what i reallly really need (at least for exchange).. and it would be really great if you can support! :)

**oh, please notify jansen if u are getting anything from this list! :)thanks **

1. a decent digital camera( can be canon or sony or... i dont know man. maybe a sony T Series - DSC-T20/P??)
2. Crumpler bag/voucher (BAG:THANKS JX!:))
3. Thick shawl.. thick thick ones..
4. a nice sweater?
5. clothes vouchers?? (taken!)
6. makeup vouchers!!!! (MAC or etthusias or Shu Uemura....)(TAKEN!)
7. cookbooks? nice solid ones.. not those impossible to get ingredients.. hahaha(taken!)
8. 1 bottle of Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc!!(taken!)
9. nice pairs of slippers! my size is 37 or 7 :)
10. Kiehl's lip balm/moisturiser/vouchers..(taken!)

or.. 11. Ask Jansen :) hahahahhahaha

actually, just wanna be happy in short lah. :) just wanna enjoy my life while i can :)

Tuesday, October 9
meine episode! :) 11:15 am

a gazzillion thanks to my dearest production team! :) wanni, guanwen, issac, jansen, daryl (see i put ur name here..), jun kwang, clarence and jamie! oh and the actors.. terence and jasmine!!! :)

so here it is! :)

and woohoo!!! im not going to toronto alone! just found out that the ntu girl and nus guy going to york with me is eugene's (jan's good friend) friend and cousin! it's gonna be super fun and i really cant wait to go on exchange. just pray that i get my scholarship and the mods that i bid for...

ich bin gl├╝cklich!

Sunday, October 7
tired week.. but here is my wish list! 2:34 am

just went through a torture week.

last fri: submission of econs homework
last sat: entrepreneurial finance midterm
editing video with jansen
last sunday: ef meeting
monday: long day of classes but thank God EF class was cancelled
tuesday: tried to study but failed. Realised that im going for exchange alone... FIIM class and then ethic meeting.. studied till 1 am in school.

wednesday: killer day, 1 presentation, 2 midterms. left almost 75% of my econs paper empty. editing and filming thereafter. a well deserved dinner and chill out at mount emily's.

thursday: editing with jansen till 3 am.

i need more sleep.

anyway, please going and watch our heart-sweat-bled video production and get entertained. just log on to and watch all the vids esp the one called pimp my pal :) and thanks jansen for really helping out! :)

ok, birthday coming and some people ask me for a wish list...

im still thinking.. not exactly the most materialistic person now. i just wanna survive this term..

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