Tuesday, September 11
cough it 11:45 pm

ok, i don't know how i got a sore throat and a bad cough. i feel like im having TB or something. Yup, and mummy's nagging was right: never eat tidbits when u have cough. Dont try convincing yourself that u will drink water thereafter.

I opened a mini packet of cheesey tidbits and was eating at the start of FIIM class. Nothing happened until.. i started coughing. it didnt stop. i felt like a complete idiot and a TB- carrier coughing continuously for 5 minutes. the girl sitting beside me was thinking im bloody contagious.

So i walked out of class to get a drink from the water cooler and continue my coughing rampage. SCANDALOUS time: i turned out of the seminar room and i saw my jc crush sitting outside. coughed louder..thereafter i turned to the corridor leading to the toilet and i saw someone i never ever wanted to see in my whole life ever. the sight of him added more irritants in my oesophagus that i felt the next thing im coughing out was my heart. went into the toilet and continue coughing and then sat outside the seminar room to finishing my coughing fit.

i felt like hensel and gretel (is this how we spell their names?.. they left a trail of breadcrumbs but i was better; i left a trail of coughing echos.

so after i felt better, i went in back into class, sat down, took a deep breath and a look at jansen sitting next to me; i was back to coughing fit again.heh.

PS: thanks silly for buying the herbal sweets and water during class time. and erm, sorry that i coughed into your jacket. it was the nearest tissue-replacement i can find then. :P

Tuesday, September 4
musically in mind 2:47 pm

i dont really know what's wrong with me again.

im in this music madness to the point that i like songs that i dun usually do. like.. Good Charlotte! Their song, Dance Floor Anthem is in my mind every single second and i think everyone is sick of my humming the song randomly during the day. Just listen to the whole song and the tune will be stuck in ur brain

So here it is: Good Charlotte - Dance Floor Anthem

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