Wednesday, May 31
anticipation 1:09 am

supposed to have tuition today, but my kid postponed it to thurs.

so decided to go to school after to attend convoc helpers' briefing. was quite fun that almost the whole convoc team was there..

anyways, xuanming (my convoc teammate) told me he just came back from bintan a week ago.. was telling me wad to do and what not to do there. told me that the watersports is darn ex but jetski is a must-try. haha.. and there is a beach party over the weekend. man, it is really making me look forward to the trip alot.anticipation.. i wonder whether my other friends are excited too.. haha..

man oh man, thank goodness tuition was cancelled. was nice to see all the smiley faces of the team. talk nonsense over dinner-cum-supper-cum-drinks..i really look forward to convoc although im not sure whether i'm really up to my job. i feel that some people are skeptical about me and my post, and guess what! me too! but im going for a change, for myself. either i make it or break it. either i learn or be a failure. i just need support from my cherished friends and teammates- a knowledge that they have faith in me.

i can do it.

"i can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.."

Monday, May 29
memories 9:55 pm

i was surfing on came across my thailand cip trip video clip.

i miss my mortal- ming sing.. funny how he looks like a year-one when he is actually.. 25 i think:)

so here's the link. a sneak peek on what we did last december- relief work for the tsunami affect areas in phuket.

Friday, May 26
lifehouse - blind 12:37 am

this is a highly recommended song to get.

lifehouse - blind. got this video from youtube and they are doing an acoustic version of it. the best acoustic version i ever heard.

i love this song. im love them. they sound so good.. check it out!

im forced to type this: credits goes to kenji tan weiming of zion youth fellowship.. SAF (dunno what company), ex-acjcian, for introducing to me such a great wonderful song:) (kenji, aint i nice eh?:P)

the lyrics

I was young but I wasn't naive -
I watched helpless as you turned around to leave -
and still I have the pain I have to carry -
a past so deep that even you could not bury if you tried -

after all this time -
I never thought we'd be here -
never thought we'd be here -
when my love for you was blind -
but I couldn't make you see it -
couldn't make you see it -
that I loved you more than you'll ever know -
and part of me died when I let you go -

I would fall asleep -
only in hopes of dreaming -
that everything would be like it was before -
but nights like this it seems are slowly fleeting -
they disappear as reality is crashing to the floor -

after all this time -
I never thought we'd be here -
never thought we'd be here -
when my love for you was blind -
but I couldn't make you see it -
couldn't make you see it -
that I loved you more than you'll ever know -
and part of me died when I let you go -

after all this why -
would you ever wanna leave it -
maybe you could not believe it -
that my love for you was blind -
but I couldn't make you see it -
couldn't make you see it -
that I loved you more than you will ever know -
and part of me died when I let you go -

and I loved you more than you'll ever know -
and part of me died when I let you go

Thursday, May 25
poor 2:13 pm

i hereby declare miss jayne quek wei-lyn.... broke. bankcrupt.

i have 12 or 18 bucks left in my posb acct and i cant withdraw.

i'm left with 3 bucks in my wallet. and i dunno how am i supposed to survive for the next 1 week.

im not even sure whether my tuition kids will pay next week.

and im going bintan next weekend.



to suzi:

its okie dear. i was disappointed at first. but nvm. just hope that we can meet up as often as we used too:)

Wednesday, May 24
right is wrong.. 11:46 pm

i don't seem to do anything right:

i don't seem to plan right;
i don't seem to speak right;
i don't seem to be taken seriously
i don't seem to be understood
i don't seem to be important

mostly importantly,
i don't seem to be me.

Tuesday, May 23
just wanna complain it out 11:13 pm

its been a long time since i felt an urge to blog.

signs of an inconsistent blogger, i have it all. dunno why, im just simply too lazy to pen/type my thoughts down. in the end, i forget events that were happy, only rememebering those that were sad and depressing.

i seriously hate working. its boring to the core. everyday, i have to beg the interns to remind me the reason i am working: to earn enough $$ for the taiwan trip. 1 month of work should be enough to cover the fixed cost of the trip if it wasnt so expensive. then i started to think: stupid, i shouldnt work. i should be more active in school cos this is the last leg of my education. after which, its just work, work work. should enjoy my school life while i can. Work is boring, waste of time and tiring. the only incentive: money. even money cant motivate me to go to work now. every 10 minutes, i earn a dollar. it may sound alot but if u pass your math, im actually bloody underpaid for an undergrad. underpaid for tuition, now underpaid for work.

i finally understood the meaning of " 2 negatives don't always give u a positive". underpaid undergrad is a very good example.

im just so looking forward to bintan. just get out. hopefully do some sport or go for some spa. my life is pretty much screwed that hopefully this getaway will help to unscrew it.

next thing im looking forward to: meeting meiting and gang. MEITING, I MISS YOU GIRL!!!!!!! WHY ARE U SO BUSY?!!! btw, shall we have steamboat at freedy's house again? :X

the next next thing: archery. i hope this will be my last stop in my quest, in search for my niche in sports. gilbert (my convoc teammate) miraculously persuaded me, in 5 short minutes, that archery is a great sport to take up. but WHY MUST BE THE RANGE BE CLOSED THIS SATURDAY??!! I COULD USE SOME SHOOTING OF ARROWS NOW!!! now have to wait till 2-3 weeks later.. AH!

Thursday, May 18
revitalised! 10:44 am

i'm at work now.. boring shite again. i hate calling companies to ask whether they are interesting in going to this place or that place. got sick of doing calls since i quit my job at citibank last year.

Anyway, i got one piece of good news to tell myself... hmm and to people who are concerned for me for the past few days.. :)

i slept!!! 5 hrs straight!!! yayayyayayayayayayayayayayayayyayay!!!!!!!

i got another piece of good news to tell people who are concerned for me but not myself:

i gained weight. uhhhhh.. at the wrong places. my levi's is tighter than usual.. so no-more skinny jayne for you. sigh.

i just dun wanna weigh myself.. im so afraid of seeing the number 5 as the first digit on the weighing machine.. ... sounds like time to detox...

mad idea 1:58 am

i think i might just killed my stomach but i think i hve resorted to my last resort:
when mambo/r&bing with the girls (chieh, suzi,yeefang and their friends)... it was fun.. oke not THAT fun.. but good enough

and i finally felt a tinge of tireness...

i think i can finally fall asleep till dawn for once in a week..

pls.. let me sleep.

btw, bintan on sat to go down to the travel agency and book the rooms? tag me... pls... regardless of gender,race,stupidity..etc.. TAG/sms/call ME to indicate ur availability!!!

Monday, May 15
tiredddddddd 1:57 pm

i feel an ominous gastric flu coming in...

been to and fro visiting my best friend, mr toilet, for the past 2 days.

its a yearly thing.. where i cant sleep cos my goodoldtummy refuse to let me to.

so if im rowdy and all.. pardon me cos im really short of sleep and rest. my bed aint comfy enough to let me sleep.. drugging myself with more aromatherapy aint working either.

so if u got any tips on how to cure insomia.. please do not hesistate to tag me.i will be eternally grateful to u (ps.. it MUST work!!)

on a different note..


Friday, May 12
=) 2:52 pm

i woke up 11 plus finally..

its kinda good to like sleep and not worry wad time u gotta wake up the next day.. cos when u wake up, u got all the time in the world to laze around your bed and think of what have happened recently or build castles in the air.

gave another combined tuition again yesterday. i paused and realised that i love my kids. although they are hyperactive bunch of j2 girls, it's very good to know that i can talk to them about almost everything like friends.. they never fail to cheer me up at the end of the despite feeling tired and all. they never give u the "dread-tuition"look.. oh gosh. im feel so blessed.

met meiyan, suzi and chuikhim at 10 plus after tuition. we went to mind's cafe to chill. supposed to play boardgames but all the good ones were taken already. so we played brainless card games and started laughing like mad. fancy 4 girls rushing to make animals sounds in some card games.. boy oh boy, its been a while since we laugh till we had chest pains..:)

Thursday, May 11
dazed 2:20 pm

I drugged myself recently. No, not those drugs..

I’m not a strong believer of aromatherapy. But I guess I have reached a point that I need supposedly-soothing scents to make me fall asleep and sleep peacefully without waking up.

I thank kor kor for being in some MLM company for once; without him, I won’t have aromatherapy set all-ready at home to use when I needed it the most. For once, I don’t find MLM anywhere irritating.. recently.

But my ammunitions are down to the last drop. Kor has bottles of them in his room but they aren’t lavender. Hope the other scents would work..

I hate the side effects : would feel dreamy the whole day. Listlessness.. short attention/concentration span at work.

I terribly need a break. Funny ‘cos I supposed to be having my summer break now.

Monday, May 1
today, i... 1:36 am


today, i was very upset since i woke up. number one, someone smsed me and woke me up at 8am!!!! argh. since then, i had butterflies in my tummy cos my FA results were supposed to be out at 10am. got B for FA.. utterly disappointed cos i felt the worst grade i could ever get for it is a B+.. i thought the finals were do-able. therefore.. to relieve my disappointment...

today, i made brownies. finally, after 1 year. i realised that i have lost my mastered skill cos it didnt turn out the way i wanted it to be. the chocolate glaze was so dry that it looked like shit. that taste was not as fantastic as before. haiz. my lost skill.. addition to my disappointment.. so..

today, i met chieh for dinner.. we went to thai express and ate and talked for a very long time. ed joined us after his lessons and we went alley bar. drank my hoegarrden finally.. and i realised, im a... dipsomaniac. and no, i don't like to be drunk. i just like to drink.


today, i borrowed the last 2 dvds of desperate housewives and the butterfly effect. i watched the butterfly effect when i reached home from church. videoezY is my new best friend. im so sorry, ting :P the butterfly effect is pretty freaky. it was about how a guy could change history by reading aloud his journal entries and ended up not existing in the world. it freaked me cos i read mine aloud!!!!!!!

today, i trimmed my hair. and my fringe too. i look.. almost the same except that my hair is more fizzy. i dont know why its so dry but ya.. irritating hair...afterwhich..

today, i went home after the hairdresser's and sleep for an hour before adeline msged me. we are meeting next mon at esplanade for max b!! finally..!!! so in the evening..

today, i walked briskly to my granny's house for dinner and went back to nyjc for council campfire. it was very funny cos im going back as a senior in council. NYJC is so freaking big after the construction work finished. i realised that it has the largest land area for a JC!! wahhhhhhh... impressive, right? so, they have this pagent thing and nat (my v.pres) was acting sissy and gay as usual. kinda admire him for being such a great sport!! he really is charismatic and sometimes i wished that our roles were switched back in jc days... he knows how to get the crowd's attention and all.. :) so after the campfire..

today, i went to jieyu's place together w some council peeps to play mahjong. there were 2 tables - 1 for the pros and 1 for the incumbents. of course i was with the... incumbents.. :) no money involved!! so i didnt gamble.. plainly for entertainment purposes and to prevent myself to be senile in 30 years time :) i won one game and was lousy for the rest of the games.. ate canadian pizza at the same time.. and for the first time, it tasted good. jieyu played alot of mambo songs at the same time, and shucks... there you go, u see 2 idiots (namely jayne and christine) singing aloud and trying to do some mambo actions..:)

okie.. pics for today will be uploaded later... i need sleep. seeing rigan tmr about my grades. i need my B+.

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