Monday, March 27
stuck in school 5:35 am

today is sunday.. or issit monday?

hmm.. either way.. im stuck in school. doing microecons presentation and i think the presentation is gonna get whacked left, right, centre. personally, i think it is very general and im not sure whether my microecons is gonna be pleased with that.

It would be better if our game theory on dating was mixed strategy.. but it is pure strategy. (if u dunno what im talking about.. mixed strategy is more complicated than pure strategy.. DUH!)

anyway.. i hoped that it was mixed strategy cos at least our project would look abit more cheem.. more intellectual. more less-last-minute-done-up project.

anyway.. yesterday (sunday) was edmund's 22nd birthday. once again,


i hope that u will be as happy as the time i knew you. the past year may be tough on you but i know the tough road won't pull you down; keep looking and moving forward cuz there will always be someone behind giving you the support to do so.

Friday, March 24
break-myself-up week version 3.0 8:40 pm


here comes "break-myself-up week" again.. a newly improved version of 2.0.

what can i say, i love smu to the point that i cant live without it. i need to be where it is.. i need to stay over in smu...

projects. presentations. reports. don't they sound interesting and cute?

typing them with all your energy and time just to make sure they are perfect, presentable so that they can make you proud when you present them to the profs.. aww.. don't they sound like your lil' children? aww...

version 3.0 also comes with twice as much sleepless nights and frustrations and newly-found relationships with microsoft powerpoint, word, excel and windows movie make. Not forgetting the usual daily seminars and exams. failures are also included.

the best thing is that you have this endless experience 365 days a year for just S$6500 only! comes with free matriculation card and "mama-mia" food haven at the concourse!

**order now, and we will throw in endless readings and homework, absolutely free!

now, with such a great deal, where can you get it at?

only in smu.

** only applicable to economics students.

you tell me, i tell you 5:18 pm

i need to be poetic.. this will induce my linguistic skills to improve and my creative juices to be squeezed out. if it doesn't make any sense to you.. sorry. cos neither does it to me..

tell me about feelings, i will tell you about numbness
tell me about relationships, i will tell you about loneliness
tell me about the need for space, i will tell you about being constricted
tell me about being confused, i will tell you about being helpless
but all i want is you to
tell me about you, and i will tell you.....

thank you. *walks off the stage*

Monday, March 20
my favourite retro song.. 8:05 pm

dying inside to hold you
"i was dying inside to hold you
i couldn't believe what i felt for you
dying inside, i was dying inside
but i couldnt bring myself to touch you.."

retro rox..

Sunday, March 19
my presentation testimonial.. 12:20 am

i've got to present my testimonial on what i've personally learnt through my LTB comm service project.. a 30 sec one.. so here it is:

" the CSP has allowed me to experience and interact first hand with at risk-kids and disabled kids. the kids from both organisations ( YG and SPD) have some form of disablity. However, I've learnt from them that having disabilities, or for that matter, setbacks in our lives shouldn't be excuses for us to give up;instead, we should do our best to find alternatives to work our way out of tough situations, just like the disabled kids. They don't drown in sorrow and self-pity; they are living normal life and even studying in mainstream school"

i should really apply what i've just typed in my life and put it into actions.

Friday, March 17
i want to relieve and relive.. 12:05 pm

relieve. relive is the slogan for the posture aid product that my Comms group decided on. we were supposed to do a persuasive presentation on any product that existed or yet to be existed in the market. so we decided to do on posture aids.. relief the chronic back pain through posture correction and relive your life.

i need a posture aid.. so does jean. we have terrible postures. so much so that we unofficially became guinea pigs and models for the product. we came out with our design of posture aids.. and boy am i excited to proclaim to the class that it is our ORIGINAL DESIGN..haha.. i want to relieve my back pain and relive a new life without it.

i want to relieve the pain inside me now. sadly, there ain't any heart-aid around in pharmacy that i can purchase. the pain from anticipation, expectation and not being able to do anything.

suddenly, i pray so feverishly that i would be accepted to study overseas. run away. to escape from the pain; to chase after solace.

somebody save me.

Monday, March 6
almost a great day.. 10:13 am

today is monday.

for the past 2 days... i did nothing.. no school hw.. no going of school.. nothing! except for the 3hrs LTB facilitation at Yg on sat.

it felt good.. cos im was so tired. well, i'm still feeling tired cos im waking really early for the past few days.

had advance theory... and I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!! had FA later that day.. and i don't know whether i will pass.


one thing short to make it a perfect day then.. a smile and hello from my eye candy.. hahhaa kill me edmund! :P

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