Tuesday, March 20
mvie marathon 1:29 am

jermaine quek, if u are reading this, when is your exam starting?

ok, just had a move marathon (not really). i.e. watched 2 movies in 2 days.

yesterday, met kc and jas for the 17 magazine movie treat for $5. they had a pre-event thing and we had to decorate a note book using arty stuff and stickers. ok, you put 3 non-arty-farty girls together and you have not a bad piece of art work. :) and we had a free make-over and photo taking thingy too! waiting for jas to send the picture before uploading them here. don't know whether it will appear on the next magazine issue.. muahahahhaa

anyway, we watched music and lyrics and it was great. love the show, love the Brit. the seats allocated to us were crap - 2-1 seating. so jas and i decided to lift the handle in between us and 3 of us squeezed comfortably in 2 seats. :) so romantic! not. a romantic movie for 3 single girls.. sigh..

so met meiting,ruizhen and freedy for dinner at sakae sushi marina square. it was freedy birthday celebration but some how, everyone hates freedy. kept insulting him because he kept picking on me. but we didn't eat much so we went to max brenners to chill out. then we were talking about marriage. double sigh. what a topic. everyone is either attached or going to be but i... am no where close.


contd.. but something encouraging (or not..) was that everyone predicted that i will get married first. to a eurasian. no idea why but we made a pact: if i were to get married first to a eurasian, ruizhen and meiting need not give me angbao on my wedding. see, the benefits i wouldn't mind forgoing just not to be left on the shelf... haha boy oh boy, i miss my clique.

today, went to watch " Der rote Kakado" ( the red cockadoo in german) for free with jas at cineleisure. its arty. its farty. its full of horny actor and actresses. but not as good as Hula Girls though. its about the events happening months before the berlin wall was built in 1961 to separate east and west germany... not bad for a history show though :)

ok, quit blogging and back to mugging

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