Wednesday, March 7
!!!!!!!!! 5:53 pm

in psychology class now. and out of boredom, meiyan and i found this newspaper article.

i thank God i hated guys when i was primary 3. PLEASE READ THIS ARTICLE.,4136,124000,00.html

you will probaby scream like me... and WHY DO THEY HAVE TO USE THE NAME JANE!!!

about her
    jayne, 21
    smu econs
    needs a reboot in her life.
    needs to eat and exercise more.
    waiting on Him

your shout outs

her juke box
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    Backstreet boys - how did i fall in love with you

    tribal jam - remind me

    justin timberlake - my love

    delta goodrem - be strong

    bethany joy lenz - let me fall

    sean paul - give it up (step up OST)

    neyo - so sick

    jojo - little too late

    corrine bailey rae - like a star

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