Saturday, March 17
smugging hard for midterms 12:30 am

Friday night

its the end of week 11 and i still have midterms. like 2 of them and im about to go bonkas already. maybe they should start naming the quizes correctly - like 3/4term test instead of midterms. blah

anyway, its like 12.35am now and im still at the studio. trying to study for my intro psych test later at 2pm. and i have 80 more pages to torment through. do you know how terrible the feeling is? like it takes at least 4 hrs to clear 1 chapter of 40 odd pages. and i have 13 hrs more. considering that i have to bathe and catch some sleep and travel to and fro..


i couldnt wake up to study this morning. felt so tired from the extremely late nights i have recently. woke up with a bad throat and i think i am sick again.

anyway, the test was bad bad bad. again, i hope to be the above average in class. not much expectations judging from last minute studying and my incompetency in memorising. its time to study for MA quiz but... im packed for the weekend again.

met shyuan, chieh and junhui for dinner at lor 8. then we had this random thought to go clubbing at around 10pm. but judging from the fact that we have to go home to change clothes and my lack of energy, we shoved that idea and went to liquid kitchen to chill out instead.

liquid kitchen was bad. full stop. bad service, bad drinks and bad luck (ok, i don't believe in luck..) bad service : i ordered a mojito and a cup of warm water (for junhui) and it took them 45 mins and 4 reminders to get my orders served. bad drinks: no mint leaves for my mojito. so they sub it with mint syrup and it tasted like.. toothpaste with mint. moreover, where was my stick of raw sugar that comes with it???? bad luck: this is the 4th time in 4 weeks i spilt and broke my glass of drinks on myself.. since CNY day 3. and they didnt replace me with a complimentary drink despite them forgetting my orders 4 times.

oh well, not my day. just hope tmr is a better one.. onwards to a movie special with jas and kc tmr and another free movie on monday evening!!! :) ok, going to cathay cineleisure 2 days in a row is somehow motivating now..

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