Thursday, July 20
reflections on taiwan 12:57 am

im back in singapore.

Braved through a typhoon. hmm ok, more like played through a typhoon. we even dipped ourselves in open hot springs in the midst of the typhoon. watched a 10 bucks movie at gaoxiong which is totally not worth it cos the cinema is not that good. ate alot such that Vik said i looked fatter. Ich bin gross . love papaya milk and honey bittergourd tea and their chewy pearls. love their instant noodles. totally went gaga over beef noodles, mango milk ice, xian shu ji (deep fried assortments of chicken skin, chicken meat, sweet potato etc...) and or-luat. had a bad constipation such that i had to take laxative every 3 days. i love the hotels cos i have a huge bed, pillows and comfy comforter/blanket to myself. love the fact that i need not use my brain much and can slack as much as possible. love the people - they get very facinated when u speak english.

hate the tour cos it was quite a waste of money. hate the shopping cos the fashion there is very jap-ish. hate the idea that we had to wake up at 6am everymorning. hate the travelling for 3 hrs to a place to take photos for only 15 minutes. hate the fact that we have to change hotels every day. hate chou tofu cos it smells like taiwan toilets. ESPECIALLY hate chou tofu when we were at tofu street where the rule is: the smeller the tofu, the tastier it is. i nearly died.

impressed that the guys are direction-less despite going through army and i had to be the compass.

impressed that i spoke mandarin.

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