Monday, June 12
lose your hp, lose ur privacy 2:50 am

used to laugh at the poster/advertisement.

freak, now its laughing back at me.

i just lost my hp. i dunno how, it mysterously disappeared as if it had legs.

whatever it is, i do need back very badly. my life. well.. almost. i really need it back. so he who holdeth my mobile phone, please be nice enough to return it to me.

i went totally bonkas when i couldnt find it. wasn't having a good weekend at all and one more shock isn't doing me good. tried to be calm but in the end was talking alot of nonsense to chieh, fish, mason and tim at orchard. trying to keep my mind off it but it isnt gone at all. i was so hysterical that i used fish's phone and called meiting and pour out my misery, agitation and helplessness.

why am i so blur? so dumb, so careless. i have only myself to blame.

just really hope i can have it back. Please God, im sorry if this sounds materialistic, but could you help me find my phone? argh.

one thing good abt today is that it rained and i was stuck with joetee in sgoon gardens. blessing in disguse, i couldnt go for archery today..again. so i was with joetee at coffee bean talking and sharing abt each others' problems and lives. joe tee is really nice. really nice although many times he irritates me using his "ego". its funny how we are so close (hmm, are we?) and we never liked each other (which is a good thing). joked abt it. he was saying that we are not together because when he was unattached, i didnt take my chances. JOE TEE!!!!WHEN I WAS UNATTACHED, YOU DIDNT TAKE UR CHANCES TOO!!! hahahahhaha. no matter what, it was great doing QT and praying with him.. and going to random peoples' house (well, just amanda's and nearly kinny's) ..thanks tee for making me feel better! :)

next good thing? world cup. without world cup to take my mind of my lost hp, i'll probably be crying on my bed now.

many thanks to chieh, fish, mason and tim for helping my hp and keeping me rather in a sane state.. :) and sorry abt using up some of ur free air-time ..

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