Tuesday, June 13
life with another phone 11:40 pm

i kinda coming into terms with the loss of my mobilephone.

i still miss it. even if u give me a o2 pda phone, i would still prefer to have my old phone back. or so i think i would prefer.

got a new sim card yesterday at hello@cityhall. wait for 1/2 hr to be served by an attitude customer service officer. was very weird cos for the whole 15 mins i was there, there wasn't any conversation for the first 10 min. ultimate silence. when i asked some questions, he would be like "i think so" or "i dunno.. you try lor". nvm, at least he gave me a new sim card. that's all i cared.

so was at burger king@raffles place waiting for suzi to end her meeting. sat there for an hour, keyed some contacts into my phone. im using my uncle's spare phone.. i hate it but i can't complain; at least i have a phone! but the keypad is damn hard to press! :x

den was reading my book "falling for Mr wrong" by i-cant-remember-her-name. jieyu read the 1st ten pages on sunday and he said it was boring. i read the next ten pages and told him it was interesting. like on every single page, i went "idiot.." and "bust**d" or "useless x-y chromosomes homosapiens..". the guy was an total idiot. basically, the story started with this guy called jonny. he is a husband to Polly. jonny and polly.. rhymes eh? anyway, he was treating his wife really good and just simply one-fine day, without any warning or signs, polly woke up and called jonny at his office. and jonny replied " darling, did u check the cupboards? my clothes are gone.. i left you.i'll be staying at a hotel, don't worry".

he just left his wife.. just like that. a 180 degrees change overnite.

!!!!!!!! guys.. !!!!!!!!! hfnakshfakshgahglsdhglahgrlh.. day one, he can be mr niceguy. day two, he can be mr i-left-u-fend-for-yourself guy.. sadly they are existent in both fiction and reality.

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