Thursday, June 15
driving!! 10:19 am

This is bad; I'm addicted to many things at this moment:
1. Wang wang rice crackers. - at work
2. Sleep
3. Food –- glorious food, Im eating 3-full meals everyday. Like fried rice in the morning, rice in the afternoon, rice at night, and occasionally rice for supper. Fat, I am getting.
4. Marigold strawberry yogurt drink - at work
5. My book - falling for mr wrong by caroline upcher.

Anyway, met chieh, shyuan and liping (and the extra, jieyu) for dinner yesterday. Its been a long while since the toa payoh gang met up. I finally decided to call shyuan driving instructor and tried my very best to speak mandarin. He sounded nice; shyuan says he is a nice instructor too. So all in all, I finally got myself a driving instructor! =) and gonna have my 1st lesson on Sunday afternoon! Well, according to shyuan, she said she already drove herself home after 2nd lesson. Ah, the anticipation of knowing how to drive and the possibility for passing on the 1st attempt is rather motivating. =)

So we went home around ten plus and fangwei called me out for supper at eleven. He is like desperate to watch the movie "cars". Like fancy a 22 year old guy saying "hey wanna watch cars? *vroomvroom* " . so amusing.. as in the *vroomvroom* part.

So, its gonna be another 12 more working days till the end of work. Im dying.. I wanna quit now… *frustration-regression*

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