Monday, July 10
taiwan: day 1 & 2 9:39 pm

reached taiwan at around 7.40pm last night. we took china airlines to taipei and i was really praying that i will be alive when i reached taiwan. one thing i hate abt the flight? it is darn violent flight and it made liping's and my motion sickness worse. it was like a roller coaster ride i feel.. thank goodness china airlines has, surprisingly, VERY NICE FOOD! chicken noodle plus ham salad and fruits and..... tiramisu!!! gain weight again.. haiz.. oh and .. do you know their TV is like.. touch-screen types???!!! so high tech! watched 16 blocks, CSI, japan hour on the plane and intend to leave "take the lead" for the return trip.. hahahahhaa..

anyway, we had ma-la huo guo for dinner and it was kinda ok. nice thing abt dinner? the thinly sliced beef and pork. my gosh. my gosh. my gosh. like kobe beef!!! but then, i didnt really had the ma-la part cos was having a sore throat. why everytime i go overseas, i would have sore throat??!! irritating. so anyway, we stayed over at this golf resort with very neat rooms and huge beds. the bed for one person is like slightly smaller than a queen size bed!! damn shiok lah... but didnt sleep at the room. liping and i went over to the guys room to watch soccer but i ended up sleeping there, waking up occassionally to see france lose! :) supposed to drink beer.. like TAIWAN BEER... but haiz sore throat tammed me last night. so im yet to taste TAIWAN BEER.. TAIWAN BEER.. sounds like BINTANG BEER those sorts.. hahaha..

so today, we need alot of travelling on the coached. i think we drove abt 6 hours at least by the coastal areas of taiwan. from taipei to jiufen to hualian. went to watch this cultural dance thing at hualian. desmond and i were pulled to join into this wedding ritual dance thing. poor desmond, had to carry me on his back.. hahaa.. but it was quite funny cos before that, they made us knee down whule they hit our butts with some leaves.. i wanna complain. sexual harassment.. hahahaha. but it is a total tourist attraction rip off. made us buy the photo in a ceremic frame for NT 400 bucks = S$ 20. sianed out man.

other than that, not much highlights on the trip other than we are now staying at this 5 star hotel with damn good service. good-looking hotel receptionists too.. ahaha. oh and we had a decent buffet dinner. why decent? becos our it was the best meal we had so far. for lunch, we went to this seafood restaurant with the promise of lobsters and abalone. yah. lobster and abalone they served, alright. but please lah, we each had 2 mini slices of abalone and a few flakes of lobster meat. i was better off eating the cabbage that came along with it... improper misrepresentation. (issit called like that in biz law?)

hope tmr is better, although we are going to travel alot again. but at least we will end up in gaoxiong.. :) SHOPPING!!!!

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