Wednesday, June 14
4:13 pm

Oh sharks.

My expenses are really high. Like skyhigh. I thought I could save $250 this month cos I have not touched my allowance till Sunday. But in the end, I have to pay about $300 for german classes. And another $50 for salsa. And another $100 if I start my driving lessons.


And I dont want to touch my pay yet cos it is meant for Taiwan trip fixed cost.

Mommy, help.

Oh, but at least, Im going to learn german I think starting from next Wednesday together with some other convocation team people.

Was thinking, maybe I shouldnt work the next holiday. Cos I realized, working is boring, gives you too much time for your brain to think and think and.. over think. Makes one a dull person. Haha. Oh well. Getting involved in school stuff is a better option. Do all the nuts things together.

LN asked me 2 days ago whether I want to be in campus TV team. I actually said yes. Omg, jayne. Im gonna kill myself next sem. I need to give up either joining explor or archery.. I dont wanna give up either… =( oh, but gilbert told on Sunday that I have archery luck cos everytime I wanna go down for the trials, it rained. NO, I dont believe in luck. So im gonna go down for trials still!! =)

Met Des again for lunch today. He is so… ungentlemanly. Asked me "Jayne, we strike a deal ok? You bring the AO-Sep (contact lens solution) & laptop and I bring adaptor…"
Such a loop-side deal. i am at the lugi end.

Going to meet chieh and shyuan later..

Extra jayne wanna-do-things
1. be part of campus tv team for sem2
2. be a great TA to my ltb group.. =)
3. Do my projects properly.. ( this is a must, especially after FA and microecons)

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