Thursday, June 22
relaxation day 1:56 pm

yesterday is a day that got me thinking.

it is confirmed: i officially hate working. not ready for the working world. not ready for boring routines (high five, suzi). i havent been at work for 3 days. i hate i hate and i hate my job. bullocks to telemarketing and commercial world. lost the motivation. money is no longer a substantial motivator to me. the type of job is.

im at school now. watched "play on earth" in the morning with some convoc and BE people. it's a play part of the singapore arts festival. its a damn cool play. imagine- 3 plays acted simultaneously (live!!) in 3 different locations in the world. (singapore, uk, brazil) and the plays are projected onto a screen, side by side.. all with the aid of the internet. the way the cameramen recorded the plays were so cool such that on screen, the actors from the 3 different countries seems as if they are interacting with each other. freak. my description is horrible. hmm.. any how, its a very creative play. didnt get the plot though.

anyway, back to the topic of school. im in school now. saw my reflection on the glass door and i saw myself carrying a tote bag and my laptop on my hand.. with my matri card in my pocket. GOSH! i miss being a student. shah told me something that i was ready to commit suicide the next second; he is working for SMU Office of registra for $10/hr. someone kill me, can? i wanna work in school!!!!!!!!!!!! i would RATHER work in school than bukit merah central. yes yes, the grass is always greener on the other side. but this patch of grass is always greener than any patches of grass now. shah.. why must you.. not tell about ur good deal...... why...

had driving yesterday. i nearly crashed into a stationary van parked at the kim keat link carpark. was going to turn right when i accidentally switched on high beam. the light was so bright suddenly that it reflected from the white van and i got a shock. usually, people would jam their brakes and clutch. but no, im not the usual bunch of humanbeings. i jammed the accelerator. thank God i was at gear 1. my instructor jammed the brakes and pulled the hand break. jayne oh jayne, how wonder he dint wanna let me drive home after lessons. sigh.

went mambo with chieh, fel and christine. the dj was downright.. horrrible. he shld be fired. never be so blatent but ya, he shld be fired. how can anyone stream 1 R&b song, 1 mambo song, 2 michael buble songs,i mambo song, 1 euro techno song consecutively.. at zouk? with a few seconds of absolute silence during the transitions from song to song? phuture is jam packed to the brim that i believe that it was tempting for everyone to dance above each other then. humid, irritating.. bimbo girls. in short, not fun. at least i saw my thursday friend after so long. went like " hi thursday friend! happy thursday!". ehm.. bordem is acting up on me. but at least, fel chieh and chris were there. cant wait for dinner on fri.. the toa payoh girl gang is finally meeting.

kudos to myself. i didnt drink. (arent u happy to hear that, joe tee? =) ) but i think zouk is a cursed place for me. i lost one of my NEW rose ear studs again. AGAIN!!!!!!!

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