Tuesday, June 6
bintan! :) 5:30 pm

Just came back from bintan on Sunday. Went with chieh, fish, tim and his friend, mason.

I’m really glad that I went cos I needed that break very much. Although it wasn’t so much of a break cos im so tired now, but it was good enough that I was laughing most of the time. When was the last time I laughed so much? Hmm..

Anyway, what was good at bintan…

1. STARS!!! Omg.. the entire sky was full of stars! Was at the kelong restaurant on the 1st night and we were all by the bridge looking up and were captivated by the blanket of stars. You cant get that view in Singapore!!

2. the company. It is interesting to have a getaway holiday with a crappy person(mason), a gan-jong person(me), a talkative person(fish), a excited person (chieh) and a omg-snores-so-loudly person..(tim).

3. water sports. We didn’t do jet skiing cos we were burnt and tired by the second day afternoon. But we did banana boat (according to the rest, it wasn’t very good compared to other places) and I fell off cos I wasn’t concentrating. And tim fell off too cos he was laughing at me falling off. To think that he was trying to be a nice person to save me!!! Anyways, I grabbed the handle when I fell off and for a minute or so, I was mini-water-skiing! Fun!:) we shared the banana boat with a new Zealand family and it was very funny. The locals were trying to tell us that were dolphins nearby and this little girl was like "why are dolphins swimming in the wild??!! THEY ARE MEANT TO BE KEPT AS PPPPEEETTTSSS!!!" the whole entire 15 mins!!!! So cute! Her dad was quite amused by her and replied "darling, dolphins are meant to be in the wild!" but she kept insisting that they were meant to be pets.

4. breakfast!! Its complimentary (or issit part of the package?) and buffet style. im sure fish really enjoyed it.. by seeing how he wipes the buffet table cleanly:P

5. seafood dinner!!! Cheap and good! Either mason or fish was commenting that Indonesians can really cook good sotongs. We had XO sotongs on the first night and calamari on the 2nd. DAMN NICE!. The rest also had black garupa SASHIMI!!! The waiter was like.. "are u sure? Sashimi?" and we were like "yeah.." hmm, I wonder why he was so shocked. But it was nice.. according to fish, chieh, mason and tim. KANGKONG! Nice nice nice nice nice.. wiped out by yours truly, jayne. :P hehhh… and CRAB! Although the 2nd night’s crabs were huge but totally meat-deficient. The rest were like "dun keep your hopes high, not much meat.. but at least we had crab.." See, told you that crab legs are the best- you will never be disappointed cos the meat is always little. I was enjoying every single bit of the crab leg’s meat.. hahaha! =) was spoilt by the rest, cos they were very nice to break the crab legs for me.. awww so sweet! :)

6. sherry. We bought a bottle of sherry from DFS when going to bintan. Nice, cold, sweet sherry. Great to help you sleep and talk loads of nonsense.

7. archery and air rifle!!!! That’s it. Im so going to join archery (although I missed a lot of shots..) it was very fun cos the staff gave us a lot of free bullets for the air rifle... he even challenged us lah. He is very power.. just shoot without much aiming and hit the target so accurately.

8. the beach. Damn clear (although not as clear as phuket’s) and the sand is SOFT!!!!!

9. swimming lessons. Its free. Conducted by Mr Timothy Li, Mr Mason Tan, Miss Farn Hsing Chieh and occasionally, Mr Koh Jie Yu. They are extremely "good" instructors cos at the end of the trip, I still dunno how to swim. I only know how to float.

10. BATH TUBS!!!! It feels sooooooooo good to be in a warm bath tub for ½ hr!! although there were no bubbles solutions. that’s it. I will have bath tubs in my house next time.

11. seasickness. It’s good to feel oozzyy all the time cos u know what, you will never feel bored. Be amused that things are moving to and fro from your vision and you will be constantly entertained. The best part, you can also influence others to feel ooozzy with you! Proven by experiment conducted on fish and chieh.

12. paddle boat @ 12 noon. Best way to get yourself burnt. ESPECIALLY when u have a lousy rudder (is it spelled like that) and a lousy rudder-personnel (jayne). We ended up paddling and L-shaped distance to and fro a nearby island. One thing we learnt, tuan jie shi li liang – unity! We grabbed each other’s boats and started paddling together and boy.. the boats were moving real fast!:) btw, paddle boats are great for tummy-slimming and tighs-toning:) not really applicable to people who already has wash-board abs and no fats =P

13. forgeting to wake up to see the sunrise even though we said we wanted to. sleep takes priority in holidays. i set alarm to wake up at 6.30am to watch the sunrise. 6.30am the alarm rang, we turned to the window to see a blue sky and then, fell back to sleep. we missed the sunrise, heck it. sleep is more important. :)especially when someone robbed us from our precious sleep by his nice "musical symphony". haha

14. I cant really think anymore cos im at work now. Shall update if I can remember any. Hahahhahaa

To tim, mason, chieh and fish: thanks guys for coming! :) really enjoyed talking and having fun with u guys.

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