Friday, June 9
morning thoughts 9:56 am

I am early for work today.

Im actually on time for once. Was in office at 9 am and there were NO one around in my department even though work starts at 9.

The interns came in and were shocked to see me at my desk.

I could not sleep last night. Oh well. Was thinking about a lot of stuff till the extent that even though I only had 5 hours of sleep, I still managed to effortlessly wake up at 7 am this morning.

Another day at work. Boring shite again. But at least the weekends are here. Going for archery tmr with ford and fortuna (sounds.. rhymie..) and hopefully going for salsa intermediate classes in the morning. I miss my salsa dance partner, jared. He can really shake his bon-bon real well.

Things jayne will do this next half of the year:
1. continue with salsa intermediate class
2. learn archery and hopefully it will be my sport niche. I wanna go for competitions. But then again, am I good enough?
3. learn basic german. I dunno how am I gonna find 300 bucks to do that, but german + studying medicine in germany for $400/yr = very good motivation for me.
4. start driving lessons. I want to pass my driving on the first try.
5. join OSL explor team.
6. be a little more active in SMUBE.. at least for backstage
7. push up my GPA
8. Love God.
9. Love myself more
10. Love my friends. I miss you meiting.

Budget for jayne's wanna-do-things:
Taiwan trip - 1800
Salsa - 50
Archery - 60 for the certificate
Basic German - 300
Driving - 1000
Shopping - seasonal pricing..
Subtotal = 3210.

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