Monday, May 1
today, i... 1:36 am


today, i was very upset since i woke up. number one, someone smsed me and woke me up at 8am!!!! argh. since then, i had butterflies in my tummy cos my FA results were supposed to be out at 10am. got B for FA.. utterly disappointed cos i felt the worst grade i could ever get for it is a B+.. i thought the finals were do-able. therefore.. to relieve my disappointment...

today, i made brownies. finally, after 1 year. i realised that i have lost my mastered skill cos it didnt turn out the way i wanted it to be. the chocolate glaze was so dry that it looked like shit. that taste was not as fantastic as before. haiz. my lost skill.. addition to my disappointment.. so..

today, i met chieh for dinner.. we went to thai express and ate and talked for a very long time. ed joined us after his lessons and we went alley bar. drank my hoegarrden finally.. and i realised, im a... dipsomaniac. and no, i don't like to be drunk. i just like to drink.


today, i borrowed the last 2 dvds of desperate housewives and the butterfly effect. i watched the butterfly effect when i reached home from church. videoezY is my new best friend. im so sorry, ting :P the butterfly effect is pretty freaky. it was about how a guy could change history by reading aloud his journal entries and ended up not existing in the world. it freaked me cos i read mine aloud!!!!!!!

today, i trimmed my hair. and my fringe too. i look.. almost the same except that my hair is more fizzy. i dont know why its so dry but ya.. irritating hair...afterwhich..

today, i went home after the hairdresser's and sleep for an hour before adeline msged me. we are meeting next mon at esplanade for max b!! finally..!!! so in the evening..

today, i walked briskly to my granny's house for dinner and went back to nyjc for council campfire. it was very funny cos im going back as a senior in council. NYJC is so freaking big after the construction work finished. i realised that it has the largest land area for a JC!! wahhhhhhh... impressive, right? so, they have this pagent thing and nat (my v.pres) was acting sissy and gay as usual. kinda admire him for being such a great sport!! he really is charismatic and sometimes i wished that our roles were switched back in jc days... he knows how to get the crowd's attention and all.. :) so after the campfire..

today, i went to jieyu's place together w some council peeps to play mahjong. there were 2 tables - 1 for the pros and 1 for the incumbents. of course i was with the... incumbents.. :) no money involved!! so i didnt gamble.. plainly for entertainment purposes and to prevent myself to be senile in 30 years time :) i won one game and was lousy for the rest of the games.. ate canadian pizza at the same time.. and for the first time, it tasted good. jieyu played alot of mambo songs at the same time, and shucks... there you go, u see 2 idiots (namely jayne and christine) singing aloud and trying to do some mambo actions..:)

okie.. pics for today will be uploaded later... i need sleep. seeing rigan tmr about my grades. i need my B+.

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