Sunday, April 23
butt ache 12:26 am

im so going to find a cure for butt ache if i were a scientist....

i woke up at 12pm today (finally!!!!) and went to east coast park with edmund to cycle. we have been talking about cycling since last year but finally put our thoughts into actions. so, we cycled and cycled from ecp to changi safra chalet. THATS FAR. but the view of the sea there was great:) except for the not-very-clear sea, if you know what i mean.

after sitting there for half an hour, we decided to head back and return the bikes. by the 2nd minute, i was panting my guts out. i asked ed " issit me or it is very difficult to ride the bike suddenly??" and he agreed with the latter. must be some idiot and bo liao person who tried to mess with our bike's gear. i was like... shouting out for someone to save me from the misery.. riding up the slope.. i think i need to go gym more often, man.

i also learnt something: if there is alot of downslopes when u are cycling, be prepare for a load full of upslopes later when you return. it is logic but, i never thought of that when i was cycling... all the bumps on the road aint helping too; bumps + a very lousy bike seat = butt ache + bad posture pains..

but complaints aside, at least i exercised :)

so we went to parkway parade. i so miss that place. used to go there like almost every saturday with my family when i was a little girl who stayed in tampines. used to play with those kiddy cars outside and imagined that i owned one so that i could drive back home..

speaking of driving, i was telling ed that i wouldnt mind a volvo or nissan, or a lexus... or a chevolet (i cant spell).... in short, i wouldnt mind a car. i wish my uncle will give me a car if i pass my driving test on the first try. that would be my source of motivation to learn driving properly man. so i kept seeing alot of BMW and chevolets.. it must be a sign!!! my next car will be either a BMW or chevolet!!!!!... if i ever had cars.. sigh

then we went to thai express for dinner at siglap centre. i tell you, the tom yam soup was EXTRA spicy.. so hot that my block nose was cleared and i couldnt stop drinking water. but man, the soup was great and super-licious. better than the ones i had in phuket! :) probably because i was hungry.. hmm but i will rule that out.

went to watch "firewall" at j8. thought it was alright cos it was quite typical of harrison fort to be in such shows.. family in trouble, save the family, evil terrorists and bank robbers.. etc. but i cant wait for davinci code to be released. all my ideal actors/actresses (except tom hanks) are acting. Tom hanks wasnt what i exactly imagined as robert when i read the book. i thougt giles from buffy the vampire slayer was a much better choice. more intellectual looking than.. tom hanks. :P opps..

so, today was a day of pure relaxation. or so i hope. i kept feeling that exams are near. i think im totally nuts. smu has made me gone exams-and-projects immuned that i feel quite funny without them... but the good thing is.. i can get used to this!!! :D drinks and more drinks.. here i come!!!

ps: to all who owe me drinks -----> OWE drinks, REPAY DRINKS!! muahahahahhaaa! was looking at the walls of my hdb estate : O $ P $ ... hahahha loan sharks trying to save on paint even when they are chasing after bills..

ok..i should go get some sleep.

debit lost in calories and fats after cycling upslope for 30 mins
credit gain in butt ache.

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