Friday, April 21
a normal day without mugging 9:05 pm

went to school today to do some stuff for ltb. supposed to string up all the paper cranes the yg and spd kids folded during our final project execution 1 month ago. had to do photo frames for the taxi drivers who willingly volunteered to drive the spd kids to the centre for free then. but only jean turned up. at 1 plus pm, jean left and i was alone in a gsr.

funny how i can feel alittle lonely then. usually, i can preoccupy myself with project research or econs homework or mugging alone.. but jean and i agreed that we felt a wee bit lost after exams. hahaha.. sounds like some withdrawal syndrome from mugging... AHH.. i need bookss... *acts like a mugger drunkard*... gee jayne...! i'm nuts.

so i was eating subway while talking to suzi on the phone. talk talk talk until i was at gramaphone cd shop looking for a cd to buy. wanted to buy mandy moore's greatest hits. i love her voice. but don't have. was contemplating to buy fort minor.. but there was none also! haiz.. so i left to SOB for convoc meeting. i just realised i'm in a SUBCOMM for convoc.. yay! :) but then, i gotta find a way to juggle work, tuition, driving lessons and my life for the next 4 months. gonna have some convoc retreat on 5,6 & 7 may at some chalet do up the programmes.. i hate these kinda of meetings. had it once for YF comm 3 years back and by the time it was 4 am, i was dead already. i just hope it will be at some hotel instead of chalet.. hahaha nice toilets and clean beds... hahhaha :)

called meiting just now. she just finished her exams but she sounded real sick. said that she stayed up for almost 3 days with little sleep cos she was doing some recording thing for her exams. was supposed to make dinner for her and go over to her place later, but she called again and said that she might sleep till tmr morning instead. poor thing. even lasalle people have to "mug" so hard for exams... in a different way.

so, i am at home on a friday night. was supposed to go some salsa club to dance with my salsa friends but it was cancelled. decided to cook dinner again.. mushroom pasta. i miss cooking and baking; stress release activities. but the clean up is a headache man. anyway, while i was cooking, i saw one of the most beautiful sunset from my living room. the sky was half purple and half orange. it was like some sunset painting or something like that. it was gorgeous and.. brilliant. wow... stopped for a moment to absorb the scenery before cutting the mushrooms. a minute later, i turned and the sky was blue. was pretty thankful that i could see such a sight.

dunno what journal entry to end this entry. probably no adjusting journal entry is needed. :P

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