Tuesday, April 25
exercising and eating... 1:35 am


went to church in the morning and had lunch with the church peeps at sgoon gardens. i was like contemplating btw chicken rice and prawn mee... both are yummy food but in the end, the prawn mee won. could resist the soup and shelled prawns... satisfying man.

so had tennis "lessons" with chinwan and ed at springbloom condo. ed said that my strokes improved and i said "of cos lah, if not i've wasted 80 bucks on tennis clinic for nuts.." but still, i cant really play a proper game... haiz. so ed was teaching chinwan one-on-one while i was sitting at the bench waiting for my turn. the bag of prawn crackers was calling out to me.. beckoning me "jayne, jayne, eat me!!" so there you go, i was eating prawn crackers during my tennis lessons infront of chinwan instead of doing my punishment... chin wan was like " what the.....". when it was my turn, he ate my crackers in front of me. argh. irritating :P

after tennis, ed drove me to gardens again to return my dvd. i borrowed 2 more desperate housewives dvd and the movie "crash" (highly recommended by joe tee and bj). going to watch them later.. muaahhahaa. since i rented more than $10 worth of dvd, i was entitled to buy pints of Ben's and Jerry's at a discounted rate.. ah! temptation again! as always, i relented and bought 1 pint of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream!!! muahahaha dvds + ben's and jerry's = whole load of fun... at nights :)


woke up at 1030am (yay!) and met suzi for gym in the afternoon. didnt run as long as usual cos miss-month-stomache-cramps suddenly decided to pay me a visit, if you know wad i mean. after gym, meiting came and looked for us at kopitiam and we went eyebrow threading together. haiz.. the price of beauty. suzi and i were like thinking of ways to tahan the pain but.... we still kept tearing while the lady was pulling off the hairs from our eye brows.. ouch.

den we decided to go orchard to get a pair of white shorts. i kinda convinced meiting that white shorts are super nice, so both of us bought the same white shorts.. except the difference in sizes :X but that was not it! ting bought another gorgeous green top and i bought another knee-length pants from the same shop. all in all, we spent a bomb there. after payment, suzi was like " i don't buy from these kinda shops in far east... they usually mark up the price by 2.5 times.... l" ting and i were like "thanks suzi ah....now then tell us." there you go, no more shopping for this week. haiz.

went to holland V to meet my og at night. i took 156 from my granny's place and i was lost. i miss the stop cos the windows were misty and all. so i landed somewhere at clementi/commonwealth area. took 106 from there to holland V in the end. argh, 1.5 hrs of bus rides are enough to make me feel sleepy. so we were at essential brews where i saw khalid. he was working there and it was funny to have a friend serving us. i felt so bad asking him to come over alot of time. khalid was nice to give us staff discount of 10%, countering the effect of service charge and gst on our bills. awww, khalid!! :) hahahha

we were forced to leave at 11 cos the place was closing. so jon sent darrell, lulu and i home while tholmas sent mabs home. lulu stays at balestier rd, so she was the first to alight. after sending her home, we were near thomson medical centre (the place that i was born.. high class hospital k! ) and were about to go toa payoh. jon was complaining that he hated the idea of going home at 11 plus and immediately darrell and i were like "supper!!! prata house!". so there you, we hecked the toa payoh flyover and went straight to the prata house. darrell called tholmas and thol said that he was at eunos sending mabs home, so he couldnt join us for prata. but after 15 mins at the prata house, thol and mabs appeared!! from eunos! they said that it was too early to go home too.. so we sat there and ate banana and paper prata while talking nonsense. darrell was not being himself cos he was distracted and nervous of...hahaha.. something. we were all teasing him non-stop since we were at essential brews. by a slip of a tongue, jon mentioned that the og guys (males) met up a while ago and they were rating all the girls in our og. i was like " what the... why??" and they said that it was because we girls rated them first during orientation camp.. i was like "did we??"..idiots.. i hate ratings. their ratings are biased!

so, although i did exercise for the past 3 days and am trying to have a healthy lifestyle, pratas are all i need to gain the lost calories back, with plenty to spare left.argh. why am i a food addict....

debit pratas
credit gain in calories

maybe i should set up an "allowance for unburn-able fats accounts". fats from the pratas will then not counter affect the results from exercising..

anyways, as promised, i will upload the photos later for the og peeps. too lazy to do it now. i need sleep!!!

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