Thursday, April 27
3/4 into my hols 2:15 am


met nicky on tues morning @ holland V again. imagine.. being in holland V twice in less than 12 hours. we were planning worship for yf on sat when bj called and asked us to have lunch at bishan. did i tell u, i hate travelling. holland V to bishan is.. further than far. but in the end, i went down to zion bishan to meet him, kenji and serene to watch some dvd. the AVA equipment system couldnt read the dvd didnt work, so we went to bj's house instead. we ended up playing this card game where we were supposed to execute people during the french revolution period. weird but very fun game..

so i met suzi, tim and jj for dinner @ marche suntec. jj was showing us some of his pics and a video when he and tim were in the navy. apparently, they had some "hell week" inwhich they werent allowed to sleep much for 5 days.. and bathe. Ewwwwwwww... jj were explicitly describing the details of the "hellweek" and suzi & i were.. gross out. i just had dinner, dude! the thought of navy guys peeing in their pants and without baths for 5 days aint very..appetising at all. so we were at marche until the waitress had to ask us to settle the bill as they were closing..


i didnt go out. was bumming around at home. and it actually felt good.

i got to watch all 3 of my dvds.. in the afternoon. i think im a desperate housewives addict. i was so tempted to return the dvds and rent the remaining desperate housewives dvd from videoez in the afternoon. watch crash too.. but i didnt really get the plot. so i think im gonna watch it again.

met my mum for dinner at toa payoh central. told her that i might have CED... compulsive eating disorder. i couldnt stop eating when i was watching my dvd. let see what was on my menu then..

12pm -4pm
mushroom lunch
strawberry yogurt
frosties with milk
loads of junk food

yupz.. and i was still hungry. im hungry now actually. my ben's and jerry's is callin out to me from the fridge.. my mum said that probably i suppressed all my stress from exams and now releasing it by eating alot. sounds logical. but i thought i eat alot when im stressed... hmmm

speaking of food.. i need to bake brownies before i lose my culinary skills forever... anyone wants? it is the tasty and ma-ma-licious brownie u would ever eat...............

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