Thursday, April 27
*blank* 11:31 pm

i dunno how to react man.

i kinda expected myself to perform not as well as last sem but i still feel kinda disappointed when i learnt that i got 2 B+ for microecons and comms.

B+ sounds fine, but not when you have high expectations of yourself and when your grades de-proved.

but disappointment aside, jean msged me and alvin today to tell us that prof rani invited us to be her TAs for ltb next sem. i was contemplating for awhile cos this 1/2 credit module comes with more meetings than usual and i might not take up the modules that i wanna do next sem. thirdly, im not sure whether im really up to it. nothing against my TA, but it sure feels horrible that ur TA aint around for most meetings and makes last minute comments to ur project/presentations when everything is almost finalised. im afraid that i would be too caught up with my own work that i put ltb second in priority and neglect them...

*blank* just dunno how to respond.

i stayed at home again today cos i woke up at 1.30pm. was watching "the notebook" on hbo. the notebook is a story based on nicholas sparks' novel. i read that book a zillion times but dint watch the movie cos i was broke at that time. so was kinda happy that i caught it today. was crying like mad for an hour.. hmm im sentimental. i cried when i read the book and cried when watch the movies. well, i can only comfort myself that im only a normal female human.:)

gave another combined tuition again. i really dun like combined tuition cos i have to split my attention to 2 noisy girls. they were so distracted over some guys.. typical sec sch/jc thingy. they were trying to see whether they were fated to be with some guy by analysing theirs and their dream guys' names. you know, cancelling the letters that are common in both names.. girly stuff. then, i stopped to laugh at myself, at my past that how naive i was to believe in those stuff when i was younger. . gee

another reason why i think i cant give a combined tuition cos i always end up gossiping with them. girls in a room = random gossiping. pure entertainment yet pure distraction from tuition. i stayed back for another hour to girls' talk with them.. quite funny actually. hmm.. maybe i should charge them extra if they wan me to gossip them. then we can get our focus right.. muahahahhahahaa...

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