Thursday, April 20
goggy-ness 7:06 pm

i just got my license!!!!!!!!! :)

hahaha.. ok.. just the PDL.. better than nothing right? driving license, driving license, here i come!!!! :)

anyways, lets talk about yesterday.

yesterday was a goggy day. i woke up with the reluctance to go to school for BE training. had to learn some new AVA and lighting equipment in the morning. but the bad throat was tempting me to sleep a little longer. finally, remembering me that i am in the convo comm for BE.. i pulled myself to bed.

i dragged my feet to the mrt train. kept dropping things on the way, cos i was very sleepy. was nearly knocked down by a taxi.. and that, WOKE ME UP.

so was at BE training and the personnels who were employed to train us did not know their stuff. there were countless negative demostrations. time waster.. i should be at home sleeping man. so the whole thing ended at 1 plus and i went to amanien street with Shah to have lunch. i just realised i ate wonton mee 3 out of 5 days!!!!!!!!!! no more wonton mee for me man. i had bbq chicken 3 times out of 5 days too.. hmm.. me and zhi cha food.

i went home to sleep but i ended up watching my dvd. watched "sleep over".. a silly teenage girl movie like "mean girls" to laugh at how bimbotic people can be. i think im mean. hmmm.. maybe i am as bimbotic as them man. cant remember what suzi calls these kinda of movie.." brainless flicks?" hahhaa

so i met up with chieh and shyuan for dinner at orchard. chieh has been smsing shyuan and i not be late for the past few days.. but who was late??? hmm, chieh???!! we went shopping and grocery shopping at paragon!! we were supposed to looking for jelly beans for chieh, but shyuan and i were like " this is so nice!!" and " this is the best thing on earth man...!". shyuan ended up being the one spending the most money. and i didnt buy anything!!! yay! i controlled myself!!! he he he....

later, i met suzi and yeefang to go zouk/phuture. the highlight of my semster man. dying to dance it all out.. saw chonghui at the entrance.. and many other smu people. effectively, yesterday was just smu people and army boys nite. NUS and NTU, they are all at home mugging.. awwww... :) for the first time, i saw chonghui and we didnt talk anything regarding school work or FA!!! i can get used to that!! :) yupz.. so we went zouk and ordered 2 tequilla pops and 2 margeritas... and suzi was high already.

rule number one : no tequilla for suzi

went phuture to dance but it was very.. packed and sleezy. the music was good but.. sleezy. army boys.. desperate. went to off to order more drinks. met tim there and he bought us a jug of lime volka and i ordered E-33 and 2 more tequillas for suzi and yeefang. suzi became almost a goner. and i was a wee bit googy.

rule number two: never drink too fast. and no tequilla for suzi also.

at that time, chris and his friend abel came and suzi was like " i know u, abel!.. you were from my og!" hmm.. right suzi.. u are drunk. everyone is from your og when u are drunk.

we went back to the dance floor again and dewei joined us. den suddenly, they were gone. i turned around and another group of guys were behind us. argh. yee fang was holding on to my waist but i felt another pair of hands above my waist. i turned and stared at the guy with a buzz off look..

rule number three : phuture is sleezy. period.

"alcohol is a dehydrating agent". that was what i told my tuition kids when i taught them organice chem. it is true, alright. 3 of us needed to use the toilet so we left phuture. when i was there, i talked to yeefang and realised that my voice is gone. smoke from the people around u + sore throat = even worse sore throat.

came out of the toilet and saw tim again. suzi and yeefang went on to zouk while i stayed outside the toilet to talk to tim. was getting worried for suzi cos she was upset and exceptionally high and the thought that she was going home alone was making me worried. was trying to ask vik and dewei to send her home.

then we went to zouk to look for her and yeefang. i tell you, there is a reason why jansen and jasmine go to zouk instead of phuture: the music is better. it is more fun. and most importantly, decent. they were playing all the retro songs that i like.. like "dying inside to hold you". although i was a mambo-movement idiot, singing along with the songs was good enough. saw the 2 of them and danced together for a while before tim left for phuture. i saw that suzi was frowning still. what she was going through really hit her bad. so there you go, in the middle of all the dancing, you would see 3 girls hugging together. in a good sense, i mean. trying to cheer each other up. den, more dancing. Junjie came and looked for us and dance with us for a while before i had to leave. it was 3 already and i was dead-meat. my curfew was 12 midnight. tim offered to send me home... and i was trying to gear myself up for an hour of nagging and scolding. though i was tired and beat, i needed this. i need to let my hair down (metaphorically, speaking) and go out with the girls. tim told me to just be smart by keeping quiet. me being me, it was hard. but thinking about it, i was in the wrong lah.. to be home late esp when they knew i was kinda sick.

in the lift, tim was like " nice earrings.. but there is only one left". argh!! another journal entry for the day. i must have lost it in mambo. my new rose earstuds!!

debit lost of ear-studs
credit gain in fun

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