Tuesday, April 18
kiss exams goodbye.. 11:32 pm

gone are the sem 2 exams!! 4 months of freedom, i smell !! well... from studying at least..

but my freedom wasn't served very nicely.

it kinda funny. i thought people fall sick during exams , not after exams. i thought people have pimple outbreaks, not after exams.. well, i think there is something wrong with me. i am.. different?

debit flu and pimple outbreak;
credit freedom

i thought FA test was simple, provided i listen to chonghui. he told me to study some stuff and i told him it wun come out. dumb jayne, as usual. argh. usually, i will just kill myself and hit my head, asking myself why in the world did i not study the chapter!!! but then, i was so enthu about the exams being over and i simply.. hecked it.

so peiling, suzi, meiyan, jasmin, geri and i went to kenny rogers to have lunch. we were talking about cars and how seriously, there are so many rich punks in our school.. SLK and all.. haiz. and most of us are just dying to have a license.

so jasmin intro-ed us to watch this movie called "the art of seduction". its korean but is down-right funny to the core man. it is about when a seducer and a seductress meet - the battle of seduction. each one trying to outwit, outlast, and out-seduce each other. hahaa.. what did i learn first thing after my exams? the art of... relaxation :)

relaxation. i went orchard with suzi and meiyan after that to do alilttle.. shopping. bought a pair of rose ear-studs (that is so not me) and a pair of shades from tangs. those kinda of retro ones.. (that is so not me either). i dunno what went wrong with me but all i know, retail therapy sure works for me. meiyan's bf joined us. he looks like edison chen. (ah!!!!) so meiyan, being meiyan, felt hungry and went to have dinner while suzi and i went to do something bimbotic. we went for express manicure. i had french. so not me again. must be the exam stress that is making me do this out of the ordinary.. hm... when i was in the toilet, i accidently chipped abit of the nail polish..

debit nail-poilish depreciation expenses;
credit accumulated depreciation of nail-polish.

shall go for another one soon to capitalise my nails...darn, i sound like a bimbo.

met jianxiong for drinks at night. went to nydc first to have dinner den we went wala. i just realised that there is an eski bar there!!!!!! fancy wearing winter wear while drinking in a sub-zero bar. nice right? haha. so we ordered drinks and there was this waiter who was very.. quriky. hmm. not a very good choice of words. he is down-right trying to get suzi's attention. hahhaa.. when we left, jianxiong was like " suzi, say bye to him?" suzi, suzi.. *shakes head* haha :)

i woke up this morning with a low and sexy voice. the "art of seduction" is definitely getting into me. must be drinks. drinks + slight flu = very bad block nose and low voice.

debit drinks previous night without much water replenishing
credit Additional-low voice

i think it is time i got some real rest, seriously. but i can't. gotten enjoy while i can before i start work.

how? help.

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