Monday, April 10
the gospel of judas? 11:24 am

yepz.. today is monday.

i sound like some primary school teacher, reminding her kids what day it is.. "class, today is monday. repeat after me... MONDAY!"

okie.. im just too bored.yes. i'm in the library now.. as usual. trying to mug something called FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING.. yes rigan. u will be glad to know that one of ur students is studying ur favorite subject.

you know, all the while i wanted to do a double major on econs and accounting. but after taking ACCT 101, im thinking twice. it is not that the subject is boring, just that it is not interesting enough and i really dun grab the concepts well and fast enough. well, i shall accrue that thought first and debit FA-knowledge receivables for my exams now..

okie, the weekend was pretty fine. went home last nite at 10.30 to watch "the gospel of judas" on national geographic. i must say, i dunno how to react to such a discovery. the "gospel" proclaimed that judas was a hero; he was asked by Jesus to betray him intentionally so that he will get the riches in inheritance from heaven. seriously, that sounds like.. not an apostle. Jesus do not need to ask someone to betray him. anyone can betray him especially so when alot of Jews weren't happy with him.

all in all, there were alot of inconsistencies from the "gospel of judas". indeed, there will be alot of false prophets and the church of Christ will fall during the end of ages. but that is when, He will come to earth the 2nd time.

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