Friday, March 24
break-myself-up week version 3.0 8:40 pm


here comes "break-myself-up week" again.. a newly improved version of 2.0.

what can i say, i love smu to the point that i cant live without it. i need to be where it is.. i need to stay over in smu...

projects. presentations. reports. don't they sound interesting and cute?

typing them with all your energy and time just to make sure they are perfect, presentable so that they can make you proud when you present them to the profs.. aww.. don't they sound like your lil' children? aww...

version 3.0 also comes with twice as much sleepless nights and frustrations and newly-found relationships with microsoft powerpoint, word, excel and windows movie make. Not forgetting the usual daily seminars and exams. failures are also included.

the best thing is that you have this endless experience 365 days a year for just S$6500 only! comes with free matriculation card and "mama-mia" food haven at the concourse!

**order now, and we will throw in endless readings and homework, absolutely free!

now, with such a great deal, where can you get it at?

only in smu.

** only applicable to economics students.

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    needs a reboot in her life.
    needs to eat and exercise more.
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