Saturday, April 8
shakespeare in love???? 6:28 pm

today is saturday.

funny how time passes so quickly. tmr is sunday, and lo and behold! monday will come sooner than u expect it.

so i mentioned about being random yesterday and told you about my microecons prof. did i mentioned that he is very weird? fancy a 35years old guy exclaiming to us how he managed to get free pair of tix to watch wu yue tian live in concert and how great it felt to see other people paying $98 dollars per tix. the amusing part is that i cant believe that wu yue tian has a 35 year old fan. no offense but it is really amusing to know that your professor is crazy over a chinese boy band. hahahahaha!

yes. im still mugging. but im not exactly concentrating. im hallucinating. so tired now. slept at 4.30am cos i was watching "shakespeare in love". the movie is not bad. very nice plot i must say, making william shakespeare trapped in the tragedy of his own work- romeo and juliet. so there many R&J quotes mentioned in the movie. i took R&J as my lit text in sec4 and i think im the only person who bothered to remember quotes from the book. hmm.. maybe just 1 quote. i dunno why this quote caught my eye totally and i effortlessly managed to memorised it.

O Romeo, Romeo!
Wherefore art thou Romeo?
Deny thy father; refuse thy name;
but if thou will not,
be but sworn my love
and i will no longer be a Capulet.

i think that is the most beautiful quote ever written by Shakespeare. but if u read in context, it is the dumbest. it's beautiful because it shows the extent in which a female will go to devote and submit to her man. at the same time, it is the dumbest cos juliet is not even 14 yrs old and she just met romeo for less than an hour. i mean serious, even speed-dating wun spur you to get married within the next 1 hr.

then, while i was watching the dvd, it was set in elizabethian times and there were many poets and artiste around writting for a living. it makes me wonder whether their society then was love-sick to the point everyone is writting about love, love, and more love. how melocholic and depressing.

okie. its almost 7 pm and i must finish this chapter before i go...

O Mugging, Mugging!
Why are you called Mugging??
Deny your books; refuse the exams;
but if you will not
swear that i will get Straight As..
and i will no longer be a Quek.

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