Sunday, April 2
cos i had another bad day.. again 12:28 am

i had a bad day on friday.

stayed up over at James', my cousin-cum-fa project mate, to do up the FA report. i wanna kill zf. really kill him. all of us couldnt understand a singe thing that he did. for the report. at 10 am, he said he needs to go.. home to sleep. and i wanna tell him, i need to sleep too... and crap was what he gave us for the report..

i stayed overnight in school and sunday night.. and thursday nite for FA.. i just realised i haf less than 20 hrs of sleep this week..

anyway.. so i reached home at 2 pm on fri and got prepared for an internship interview. and guess what, i got reprimanded during the interview for "not doing your homework". screw that person cos i didn't apply for that stupid post as an intern and i don't know how in the big fat world my resume landed on his desk. just praying that i won't get it. i hate to work with such snobbish, i-think-citibank-is-the-best-place-to-work-at-cos-i-earn-big-bucks-and-it-looks-good-on-my-resume idiots.

i walked out of the interview.. called my mum.. and i was so pissed that i cried when talking to her. probably because the interview went bad and i got scolded for no reason and i was drop-dead tired. then, i realised that my mascara was coming off. so i controled my tears.

then, it was raining cats and dogs. although i had my brolly with me, it didn't make any difference. i was wet from waist down cos it was raining so heavily like a typhoon. walked back to school to look for meiyan and gang and pass a stats cd to tim ( my new-found-friend in microecons) and i started bitching about the interviewer to peiling.

so i met tim and passed him the cd. he offered to send me to my tuition kid's place despite having a meeting later in school. but we ended up being lost for 1 hr .. and ended up at punggol instead of yio chu kang. rule number one: never try to protect a guy's ego. if you think he is going a wrong way, speak up. hahahaha.. sorry tim!! :) so we talked abt our A level's results and he said that his GP was very bad. i told him that mine was worse but he didn't buy it. so we bet. the loser treat the other person to coffee. not bad, jayne. a free ride and free coffee:)

so, i was giving tuition to 2 of my kiddos. it is chaotic to give a combined tuition to 2 girls who are good friends. my, they can't stop laughing and talking. so most of the time.. we talked nonsense. it's quite hard to halve your attention to 2 people at the same time when giving tuition. that's the reason why i didnt want to give group tuition at the beginning. but i'm still giving them group tuition for the next 2 weeks. they said that they didnt want me to travel to and fro during my study and exam week. aren't they sweet??!!!

all in all... i reached home at 11 and slept at 1 plus.. i was awake for 40 hrs.. i can't believe i survived that.

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