Thursday, April 6
rainy day 5:43 pm

rain rain go away
come again tmr...

its a rainy day today. im snuggling under my jacket in the library and im feeling very warm, comfy and sleepy.

UBS just called me. and asked me whether im still looking for an internship with them. SHITE. i shouldn't give a reply to epc so soon. i want to work at UBS!!!!!! wasted. really wasted.

anyway, when i reached the library to do my usual mugging, i had a rash on my legs. it was gross. looks like mosquito bites.. slightly larger. i dunno why i had a rash all of the sudden. must be the bed bugs.. hahaha. but i dun think so leh. the worst thing was that i'm wearing a skirt now! so it looked quite conspicous earlier when the bites were all red and.... rashy.

watched "how to lose a guy in 10 days" last nite till 3 plus am. i think im mad. i have this routine recently to go home at 12 am.. bathe.. and watch some dvd despite being tired. having an average 6 hours sleep which is totally not enough to me. anyway, the movie was nice. i spent half the time admiring the actress' (who looks like drew barrymore) hair, gown, complexion....etc. and she got to kiss a hot hunk. hahaha i sound desperate. but nvm.

the ultimate qn: can u really make someone fall in love in just 10 days? and how do you know whether you are really in love?

like what master said before, love is an intense word. i guess after all these years, i really do not know what love really means. but i think i can safely say for now, that if i would be married, i would have really love the person then.

ah.. i dunno what i'm talking about. just trying to kill time cos i cant study now..argh.

ps: im gonna change my blog skin soon.. finally

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