Wednesday, April 5
stoned 8:55 pm

i'm very stoned now.

left school at 2.30 am last night cos i was mugging. was at my pinnacle of mugging at 11.30pm.. so i didnt wanna waste it. shit. i sound like a pure mugger.

so i was at school then. at 1.30 am.. this norwagian guy came by and asked us:

guy: hi, are u people university students?
us: yeah?
guy: oh, u are studying?
us: *duh!!!* politely yes

guy went about talking nonsense about why education is important.. etc.. comparing education in singapore, thailand, malaysia.. telling us that he has a masters in business.. trying to figure out whether he knew microecons by looking at my notes.

all in all, his breath stinks. he has been drinking. and i was " can u see that we aren't really interested in talking to you???". but he went on and on for the next 20mins.. by then i was nearly falling asleep. fancy a norwagian tourist is trying to educate me on education.

by the time he left, it was 2 am. time waster. so i studied for another half an hour and i realised, i need to sleep man. so tim offered to drive me home. thanks tim! :)

so i reached home. and bathed. and realised that my hair was wet. so i decided to whip out my DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES dvd and watch while letting my hair dry. episode after epidsode... and lo and behold! it was 6 am!!!! shite.. and i was supposed to be in school at 11.30am.

so i ran to my room and tried to sleep. but i couldnt. i had a bad tummy ache.... in the end, i slept at 6.30 and woke up at 10am by my alarm. i thought, ah.. sleep for another half an hour. but no, fate disallowed me to do so. i visited the toilet for the next 1 hr again.. must be the bad mocha-flavored milk i drank while watching desperate housewives.

the ironic thing was yesterday, i complained to james that i hate constipation. today, i hate diahorrea. (i cant spell).


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