Tuesday, April 4
mj: mugger jayne. not michael jackson 12:16 am

i think my blog entries are depressing. but some people like jermaine find them hilarious. hmm.. weird.

anyway, today is another boring day in which i have successfully morphed to a mugger. i have a fixed place where i study in the library. serious. im a mugger.

let's talk on why i think i'm a mugger. thanks to james. so, both of us decided to have dinner at coffee club opposite sess. i was still bitching about the dumbest interview i had on fri to him. and he interrupted me a few times.. asking me what i wanna eat.. whether i wanna choco fondue.. whether i wanted a spoon to finish up the remaining melted choc.. if u wan to have choco fondue... ladies and gentlemen, please go to MAX BRENNER'S @ the esplanade. it is better than fullerton's choco buffet and has gay waiters (james' description of max b)

anyway, we left coffee club at around 10 and he was sweet enough to walk me to the mrt. while we were on the way, he asked me who are the muggers in our quek/seow/chang family. i evaluated carefully, and i think im a chao-mugger. im the only idiot in the family who studied every sunday for As since i stepped down from council. so depressing. and i thought my life was interesting... :(

hence, after understanding that my life is seriously boring, i came up with a plan. i shall learn tennis. i shall learn salsa. i shall be in some studentcouncil thing. i shall not be a mugger.

i shall learn tennis: i did take up lessons.. but im still bad at it. my strokes are inconsistent and i can hardly play a proper game. talk about trying to play at competitions in 2 years time.. dream on, jayne!

i shall learn salsa: i'm learning it now. it is fun.. but i cant dance. hmmm more like i feel quite uncomfy dancing an almost-sensual dance with someone whom i don't really know. if you don't know, salsa is actually "naval dancin".. hmm so it feels kinda awkward like dancing exceptionally close to a stranger.. and doing all those wrapping-your-hands-around-your-body styling actions.. hahhaa:P so my dear partner, i gotta know u better, dude. :)

i shall be in some student council thing: SA is horrible, so it is out of the question . and projects are enough to make me go mad. so i think i can "x" this part out.

i shall not be a mugger: tell me how not to??!!!!! SMU = super-mugger-university.

i was so stressed that when i was holding my tennis racquet just now, Enning was like "whoa, jayne! are you that stressed?" and i was like " hitting people on their heads with this is therapeutic". like hitting golf balls.

why am i so stressed? maybe im worrying too much. thinking too much sad, depressing stuff. thinking of worst-case senarios.. james said that i have little faith in God.

i cant help but to agree with him.

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