Friday, April 7
randomness 10:54 pm

i have advanced... im not in the library

i'm in the cca room.. and supposedly mugging...

i'm reading mpw on organisational behavior and i'm seriously falling asleep.... its too dry. either that, or im really very sian of mugging now. i need a break. i wanna watch my dvd.

how coincidental, my new blogskin is named "shakespear's in love". i have that Shakespear in love dvd waiting for me to watch it back at home and im supposed to return it tmr at videoEZ.. ah.. im gonna watch a lovey-dovey show.. gonna laugh and cry over the tragedy of it all.

so, today we ( peiling, suzi, tim, junjie and i) went to meet prof yip over some microecons stuff. 2 hrs consultation passed real fast cos we were talking nonsense and asking him about his dating/love life. prof yip is pretty random; he was teaching us game theory and oligopoly and out of no where, he asked " do you want to listen to some music??" and we were like... "err... ok". and he started playing jazz. den peiling was falling asleep so she asked prof yip to play something faster. in the end, he played "wu yue tian" songs.. and started commenting how sad the song was. to most random thing he did was to ask us to listen to one last wu yue tian song before we left. omg!

it suddenly occured to me that today is fri. my exam is gonna be over in 11 days time. i cant wait. btw.. anyone wanna go on a cruise? im desperate to get out of singapore.

ok.. its back to mugging again..sigh.

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