Tuesday, February 28
suzi is smiling now 3:04 pm

okie.. suzi is smiling now.. and i was trying to think of a blog entry title.. so she said " suzi is smiling now.." so here it is! my blog title.. hahaha nothing related to by blog entry though.. hahaha

so.. wad shall i say? suzi is still smiling like a geeky person.. spastic person..

okie, shall talk about my new tuition kid. she is nice, but shy. but she seriously needs help in her academics. i was quite shock as to how she managed to pass her promos. she doesnt know how to do chemical calculation or even the dissociation equation of water: h20 -> h+ + OH-... haiz. judging from where she stay, i guess her family aint very well-to-do... told my mum that i kinda feel bad charging her $30/hr.. i'm not sure whether i'm adding significantly to her family's financial burden.. maybe if it is.. i might end up giving her free tuition.. again. then my mum say im too sentimental. am i?

Tmr will be the release of the A level results. was thinking how David james will fair for his chemistry. felt really bad stopping tuition when i started sch in september. but like i told him, there is nothing more i can teach him; the rest is seriously up to him to make the effort the revise on his own. kept thinking was it right to leave "in the lurch" when the big A was around the corner then, but i realised that he was capable of performing well as he managed to score a B for prelims.. no matter what, i pray for the best for him.

Today, I discovered God's gift bestowed upon me: the gift of helping people. I hate to give tuition cos i have to travel to and fro places and that makes me really tired physically. but when i am teaching my tuition kiddos.. i realised that i was able to think of alot of analogies to help explain the concepts better to them... well, bio and chem. And i was given the energy to teach despite feeling physically tired before the tuition.

Thank God.

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