Sunday, February 26
just another week.. 10:52 pm

today marks the end of by break week.. tomorrow comes another "break-myself" week..

i'm dreading the coming week.. ltb project and meetings.. mpw test..fa test.. tuitions.. my 3rd advance test.. i'm losing my motivation to study. im very exhausted by this week.. been in school every single day for 2 weeks straight and im aint looking forward to this week.

Was talking to jean yesterday and we agreed that we should be prepared to stay back in school or stay over in school for the next few weeks to finish up all the projects. yeah. so much for this break week.. this break week was supposed to be a break for all of us.. but it is kinda known that break weeks are for finishing up projects.. yet despite having these break weeks...projects aren't progressing and we still have to stay back in school... blah.

i just hope i wun burn out.. i can really sense that im very exhausted to the point that my brains aren't working at half-capacity.. aint putting effort in studying for test/ doing my projects.. maybe what suzi said was right: i'm pinning all my hopes on March11.. all my hopes on the possibility that i will not be studying economics next year. and if i dont get what i hope for, i might really lose all will to study...

maybe im putting alot of stuff on myself and not relying on Him much. i wanna learn to live day by day, week by week, and cast my cares on Him, but i dont know how.

But at this point of time, just want to tell james, suzi,my ltb and comms group that im sorry if i ever disappointed you while doing projects.

To my yd mates-belle,nicole, aurelia- and joe tee, zhixian, bj:
thanks for ya concern.. i miss you guys.. sorry for being MIA for so long.. will not try to run off straight after yd.. :)

To ting: thanks so much for your encouragement and staying back late at my house on wed.. :) miss you too!

to edmund: edmund edmund edmund! dont complain that i never mention your name in my blog.. hahahahhahahahaha :) thanks for the treat at newton circus!! :)

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