Friday, February 24
tennis...yeah 12:43 pm

had tennis on wed... having tennis later at 3pm..

lemme tell how great tennis was on wed. hahaha.. edmund will kill me.. but nvm.:)

so.. i was minding my own business while waiting for the bus to bring us to nus.. and then my eye-candy appeared.. with a tennis racquet(i think i cant spell for nuts).. haha HE WAS GOING TO NUS tOO!!!!!!! hahaa..

and so.. he was one for the instructors for the tennis clinic.. and he taught my group.. darn.. charming smile man..

and there was another instructor.. called ivan.. so he made us do some forehand drills... under the hot blazing sun.. i thought it was quite fun.. until i started having chestpains.. and i was blacking out.. he was briefing us and was going on and on and on.. and i began to see huge black spots... i knew i was abt to faint but i didnt have the energy to say it out.. when he finally stop talking...i managed to tell him that i needed a break.. i sat down and blacked out for a few seconds.. and boy it felt horrible..

maybe i shld have fainted ya? then my eye-candy will come to my rescue.. hahahahahhahahahahhahahaa...

so.. i met up with shyuan, liping and felicia that night for some clubbing.. ok i'm not a clubber.. i just like to dance with a group of close friends ya? we went mos and boy it was fun. fel pulled me to the platform to dance.. so embarrassing lah! but the songs that the djs were playing was sosososososososoosso retro and fun.. so we were doing all the retro-actions. they played "call me" and den foam-snow came falling down like.. snow.. hmm... with blasts of mist.. so fun... hahha...

"call me!.. call me!.. baby, won't you call me now??..." hahaha

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