Monday, February 20
gone... 10:41 pm

hmmm.. my topic sounds alittle depressing but who bothers..

okie.. had a bad week last week.. and this week doesnt look anywhere optimistic. A quick update on wads have/haven't happened last week since my last blog..

as expect/predicted/guessed/confirmed: yesh.. i failed my 2nd attempt in passing my advance theory. but i can seriously tell u!!! i knew the answers to most of the qns!! the worst part was that those qn that i don't know how to answer was not from the guide book! not fair! i aint learning driving yet!.. argh!

so.. it was pretty depressing then.. there goes the possibility of me getting a license by may.. gone!

was at waikiki yesterday at sentosa.. was under the tent most of the time.. supposed to help out in the sound system. but in the end, they got professionals to do it.. so i wonder why in the world they needed us to be there..

Expected alot of hunks to be there.. but there were none of them.. all were hunks-wannabe-but-nowhere-near-there. gee!

ANYway.. alex from BE was kind enough to give johnny, shah, wanida and i a lift to sentosa.. he was emcee-ing with johnny for the first shift. that poor guy wore a very good pair of shades that totally blocked out the sun's harmful rays.. so much so.. he looked like an inverse-panda. his entire face was tomato red but the area protected by the shades were almost white! but he still left sentosa with pride: on monday.. he won a ipod nano.. yesterday, he won a ipod shuffle.. now i would be an inverse panda if i had that trade!!!

but.. im nowhere near an inverse panda.. instead, i have burnt skin on my shoulders and neck.. a sleeveless-tattoo.. haiz.. i need hazel cream.. help!

my brother left for aussie just now.. i thought he would be back in june.. but he is coming back in december instead.. i felt quite sad actually.. although i find him a pain in my neck sometimes..afterall, he is still my bro.. my family/home is incomplete without him, yah?

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