Tuesday, February 7
love was supposed to be in the air... 11:27 pm

hi. this is my 5th blog.

see.. im not a consistent blog. i cant blog like everyday. im lazy..

I'm recovering from what grace calls it: the -unusual-4-strikes-baseball game. the 4 sufferings of fri.. 3 bumps and a stitch pain. haha.. i think im really having amnesia. i had to go to sch today for comms meeting. so i woke up.. brushed my teeth etc. and wanted to go deposit money in my a/c before taking the train. so after depositing money.. i was at the train station and i realised i forgot to take my hp out.. so i walked all the way home..


so had comms meeting.. and we realised.. turkey's (the country) turkey (the bird) has bird flu.. hahhahahaha ok.. not funny.

edmund called me and we were both not really in the mood for valentine's day. its supposed to be our 1st year anniversary too. but just not in the mood. so he asked whether we could forgo the gifts thing. usually, i will go nuts.. ok.. maybe just angry. but to my very own surprise, i wasn't angry at all. the thought that that week i would have tests and presentations really turn the lovey-dovey mood off... but my dear edmund: i'm still expecting something.. BIG HINT!!

today, i met debao, my ex-bf, for dinner.. supposed to treat him dinner becos i dunno what to get him for his 21st birthday. but we ended up eating at bk.. nice.

we were talking alot abt the past.. abt peggy and gang... abt his life and gfs. it was quite interesting actually cos his life was quite dramatic. you could write some tv drama script, yah? a almost-sucidal-gf... almost-got-together-gf-who-has-a-possessive-male-friend experience.. hahhaa we were also talkin about our days in zhss.. and i realised: i cant remember much of zhss days.. i dunno whether i can't or i dont want to remember them. Meiting and i kinda agreed that its not really worth to remember how we spent our teenage days in zhss.. plainly full of immature bgrs... haiz.

anyway, suzi has this gay senior from secondary. his blog is just plainly full of description of gay sex. according to suzi, she said that this guy is trying to write a blog in a woman's point of view. but cmon!! who in the world will devote an ENTIRE blog to gay sex?! Enning commented that he is a disgrace to the gay community! AGREED, girl! this guy said that women should live with a sole purpose of giving sexual pleasure to man..cmon lah! wake up your idea, dude! even prostitutes hate the idea of having to sleep with men everyday.. does he REALLY think that he knows a woman's worth? haiz.. but i think u shld really take a look at his blog. tag me and i will show u the link..

yup..love was supposed to be in the air.. where is it now?

i think the only love im experiencing now is His love..

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